kodak easy share z1275 redux

i posted a blog about the z1275 some time ago. nice camera but it sucked bat trees like a cheap whore doing $10 blow jobs.

quite independently i bought some panasonic eneloop AA bat trees. with regular disposables or even common NiMH i could barely get a day’s shooting out of this camera. leaving the bat trees in over nite meant dead bat trees next day. i have left the eneloop bat trees in for TWO WEEKS! i havent yet used up the bat trees during a shoot. i always carry spares but havent had to use them.

so now, this camera, the z1275 is a fine picture taker. mostly day lite and late afternoon. it doesnt care for twilight or night time. i play with it a lot. i like the full manual mode which includes, get this, full manual focusing through out the range from infinity to macro! plus aperture, shutter and ISO settings. in this respect it was in a class b y itself, especially for a kodak camera.

back in 2007 i paid $250 for this suckah. that wuz the going rate for upper end compact point and shoots with 12 megapixels. at ISO’s over 400 it’s noisy especially in dim light when you need it the most. still kodak cameras have great color.

it only haz a 5x optical zoom but it is very sharp. i used it a few times a week when i go to the park. at least i am using it now instead of it sitting in the back of a drawer. i hope those shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7 dont try and snatch it.


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