more expensive coffee

today i brewed some more coffee with the 1000 watt solar cart. the wagan inverter cooling fans turned today and the alternate display started working. it always showed bat tree volts then switched to 00.0. today though it showed 80.0. this means the inverter is at % of capacity, in this instance 80%. later in the afternoon i ran a 2.5 amp 18 inch plant trimmer intermittently for about 30 minnits. the oscilloscope showed a near perfect wave form.

i also hooked up the 5300 BTU A/C onto the xantrex again. it being cool the compressor didnt kick in with the temp set to 73. i kept bumping it down to 69 and the xantrex choked. A/C shut down. when the A/C is first plugged in it defaults to 72. previous the xantrex ran this A/C at 73 and the compressor cycled on and off. the display on the inverter showed a voltage drop and the alternate display indicated how many kilowatts. in this case the range was between .39 and .29 meaning 390 watts to 290 watts. as it was cycling through the display the volts was steady but watts varied quite a bit. i dont understand why it would run the A/C one day and not’s my understanding the compressor runs at some set rate or not. still, that would not explain the wattage variation on the display. i will have to wait for a warmer day and see if it will run at 73 again. maybe it is a magic value. the wave form is funky with some fixed distortion although the numbers looked good. how ever funky the sine wave is it is still much better than a modified square wave.

what this all means is more runs and more monitoring. eventually after i brew 100 cups of coffee it will be cheaper than star buckles. i’ll get lots of practice on running the system for a real black out. i wish stores sold them locally. all are mail ordered. no one has any in stock. sure, most auto parts stores sell modified square wave but they are a known product, the same every where.

in other news i purchased a sears craftsman clamp meter. i put NiMH bat trees in it and dc or ac amps sed OL meaning overload. i though i got a bad one but i put disposable bat trees in it and it worked fine. disposables are 1.5 volts compared to 1.2 volts for NiMH. i clamped the wagan bat tree input cable during coffee brewing and got 10 amps.


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