writing for tomorrow


i aint writing for me contemporaries but dont take it personal. i am writing for future internet archaeologists. they will want to know what life wuz really like back in dee day. they are the ones who want the truth. you cant handle the truth. we want pretty lies to make raping the earth easy. consume for pleasure with out purpose. destroy anything for my toy just dont tell me about it.  as long as some one else far away is suffering and dying ,well, that is fine and dandy, i’ll just ignore it.

hey, hey ,HEY! i am part of it. i live in uhmerika. i cant do anyhting about it. struggle for money or become homeless. grab all you can get. know all the rules so you can excel at cheating. the only thing that defines a pussin’s worth is how much money he/she has. tell yur children to be kind and generous and then punch the next guy in the nose. that is  it!



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