off grid fridge


today, the anniversary of sputnik, i brewed yet more solar powered coffee. then i plugged the inverter and fridge together. well, it worked. the fridge consumes 160 watts when running but needs 2000 watts to start.

i used the wagan 1000 watt inverter. when the fridge kicked in i can hear the wagan buzz. that means the pure sine wave inverter is switching to “modified sine wave” (in reality modified square wave). the display shows battery voltage dropping from 12.8 to 11.9. the alternate display shows the inverter outputting 200% for about 2 seconds. if i open the fridge when starting the light dims but it does start. i ran this combo for 2 hours.

an hour later i switched the fridge over to the xantrex 1000 watt. it also ran the fridge. when i opened the door to observe the process the light actually went out for a second but the fridge did start. the display showed the battery voltage dropping from 12.5 to 11.2. the alternate display showed 0.16 meaning 160 watts after surge starting. it did not display the starting watts.

a fridge is much practical use for a solar back up system. people use fridges much more often than AC in temperate zones. today oct 4 varied from cloudy bright to hazy sun to clear intense sun. i can see myself off gridding  the fridge every chance i get just to deny the utility company.

as usual, this system had a 45 watt solar panel charging two 55 AH batteries in parallel while running the fridge. AND…of course i had to run an extension cord from the solar cart outside to the fridge inside.



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