off grid lawn mowing success


after the off grid fridge fiasco i decided to try mowing the lawn. i have a big self propelled push type gasoline driven lawn mower. it needs the self propel becuz it weighs 100 pounds. it emits clouds of smoke until it warms up and needs oil for lube.

30 yeers ago i bought an electric push mower. it runs off 120 VAC and needs an extension cord. i used to rent and i didnt have a garage to store a gas mower. the electric is very light weight, very quite and has a 19 inch cut swath as compared to the gas’s 22 inch. i can lift it easy.

i ran out the extension cord and plugged it into the wagan inverter. there is a big label on the electric mower, 13 AMPS. 13  times 115 equals 1495 watts. this excedes the wagan’s 1000 watt rating. i think maybe it is just the starting surge. and it is. the mower spun up slow but got up to speed. i spent about 30 minnits mowing most of the lawn. i started late and the sun wuz low. the wagan display indicated voltage down to 11.9. the alternate display showed 95. maybe this means 95% capacity or 950 watts. i had to stop and start the mower a number of times. the inverter cooling fans came on and ran for a while after i stopped mowing.

it seems i can do all sorts of landscaping with my AC power tools, mower, hedge trimmer, weed whacker. i have some things like jig saw, circular saw and chain saw that will all run. any one will, except the mower, even run on the 600 watt inverters.

a person can buy battery run mowers. they are heavy and need recharging off house line power. the advantage is no cord. all sorts of power tools available with bat tree power. i gots them. i use my solar carts to recharge bat trees. still, limited run time with lots of bat tree swapping. bat tree powered mowers aint swappable. when they run out it means charging usually over nite for 40 minnits of mowing!

the electric mower sat in my shed for 8 yeers. i think i paid $99 all those yeers ago. i am glad i can utilize it. i like it better than the gas mower becuz the property aint level and i have to lug the mower up and down and around.



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