THIS iz uhmerika


true life story. not looking for sympathy just stating the fakz.

i do QC inspection. the company iz ISO certified. this means constant improvement through monitoring processes.

the set up operator for a NC machine gives me a part to inspect. i scan it on a big flat bed scanner. it traces the outline and any cutouts. i use software to measure the points and to points. it iz all manual but lots faster than actually handling the part and it produces a hard copy which i can check to the drawing/print.

i notice a repeating feature is cutting wrong and partially missing. i go to the NC set up operator and he tells me he set it up proper it must be the programmer’s fault. i go to the programmer and he sez his program is correct so it just has to be the NC set up operator.

i bail on this and go to floor supervisor. i give the synopsis and leave it to him. some time later the programmer and supervisor walk through my room. the programmer is adamant hiz programming is correct. the supervisor sez that sometimes  you have to adjust the program out to get the piece in. programmer sez he aint gonna do THAT.

yet later, these same people walk though my room and the programmer sez hiz program iz right and that’s it, he aint gonna deal with it no more.

3 days later i walk by the NC machine and i see the part still there and not run in total. i mention it to the plant manager. well, it seems there is some other special tooling that needz to be swapped in and a program change to allow it. a new sample part is given to me and it passes.

the plant manager sez it’s all my fault becuz i didnt tell him. the programmer sez it’s my fault and he dont want to get a corrective action report written against him. the owner of the company sez i have an excuse for every thing.

by the by, the programmer becomes agitated and yells and screams and waves hiz hands in the air. he done this so many times i wuz told that the programmer is exempt from any corrective action reporting. i have to take the blame for all hiz mistakes. i dont program anything nor do i do NC set ups.

all i do is QC inspection. when i find a problem it’s my fault and when i dont find the problem it’s my fault.

THIS iz uhmerika.


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