comments on comments

i get most of my guest posts from comments on news articles in local rags online or some big web sites.

during lunch time at work i pick an article on a timely subject and start reading the comments. of course most are for/against, up/down, left/right, fuck you/fuck me. the usual bifurcated uhmerikan dichotomy.

uhmerika is a polarized nation. only two states allowed. there is no uncertainty principle involved. both sides attack uncertainty. 50 shades of grey? FART! black and white.

oh! lots of anger. I AM RIGHT, YOU ARE WRONG! out and fabrication or cherry picking.

so, when i read a sardonic, satirical, far out, with it, insightful,  impudent, idiomatic, jocular send up of the uhmerikan hexperience why i just have to post it here, for those internet archeologists of the future.

i like to think of my blog as a worn out boot. sure, we chuck it in the land fill as worthless but years and years from now it becomes priceless. those folks from the future will gain insight into what we thought about.

isnt president O!bama and vald putin assholes? why should future folks hang on their words, words of falsehoods and deception?

i am cross referencing the disenfranchised, those who have been cast out ,those whose opinions mean nothing…now. but in the future? maybe…..

i going out on a limb here, the lunatic fringe even. i dont visit websites or blogs i dont find interesting. i never make comments. i do that on this blog. would any one visit a blog he/she doesnt like?

when i read comments i sense the anger and hurtfulness and the dismay and the disparity and the despair, the striking out ( at and within, i.e. failure). the willingness to argue for argue’s sake.

discourse for agreement? nope, not in uhmerika. discourse for discord, YOSH!


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