off grid bread making

just a warning….worthless and useless dribble drabble alert! (this is an unreasonably long and thorough analysis of something that doesnt matter)

saturday i made bread with the solar generator. the bread maker label sed it uses 500 watts so i decided to try out one of the 600 watt inverters, the samlex. two 32 AH bats in parallel. it worked!
the cuisinart bread maker (model BMKR-200) haz a 1 1/2 lb quick bread function for 1 hour cycle. it drew up to 80 amps while kneading but continuously 40 amps (craftsman clamp meter) for rise and bake. saturday wuz around 50 degrees and the cooling fan cycled on for 30 seconds and off for 2 minnits.
today sunday being sunny this morning i decided to make another loaf using the xantrex 600. this haz three 32 AH bats in parallel. the bread maker drew only 32 amps from that set up. although the label on the bread maker sed 500 watts i never saw the display on the xantrex go over 420 watts. it wuz 45 degrees F this late morning and the cooling fan never came on.
so it looks like i have some usage for those 600 watt inverters. the samlex is rated for 600 watts contin but the xantrex is 600 watts for 15 minnits but 540 watts contin. either one worked really well… AND…i get to deny the utility company. DENY! DENY! DENY!
on both days i brewed yet more coffee with my portable solar generators. the price per cup is really dropping. i noticed that coffee brewed using solar power tastes better than coffee brewed with utility juice. i’ll warrant that the bread will also taste better. YUMMY!
if someone had stock in utility companies and got dividends from folks using lots of electricity, then i can understand why they would think such a post is useless and worth less dribble drabble. dont fall for it. deny centralized power distribution. true uhmerikans are independent.
a guy on youtube called knurlgnarl set up a 1 ton battery bank on casters and runs a 3000 watt inverter off it. however he charges it from mains power although in the background you can see solar panels
laying around.
i think that with three 110 AH bats in parallel and three 80 watt solar panels and a 3000 watt inverter a fellow could run A/C or a fridge quite easily. the bats are just there to even out fluctuations of insolation. for instance on sat and sun while making bread the sun wuz either strong and intense or very weak behind some massive cloud. the bat voltage varied between 11.5 to 12.4.
as a proof of concept i am very pleased with my modest setups.  any one with a penchant or need to go off grid can do useful things with very small systems. why portable? for sun tracking. a sun tracking system can collect up to 40% more solar energy then a fixed position system. think of that. plus no need for permits from intrusive goobermints either  (if added to a structure).
useless and worthless dribble drabble indeed!

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