T.P. ghouls denied!

2014 saw the street in front of my residence impacted by the actions of T.P.ghouls. what is T.P.? toilet paper, you know to wipe yur ass.

this yeer mischief nite or goosey nite fell on a friday. mischief nite happens the day before hollow weenie which is on a saturday. this yeer i decided to get my powerful bright flash lites and jazz the T.P. ghouls.

no go, the folks across the street fired up their chimera and had a mischief nite bonfire. i check 3 times. they were out pretty late so i gave up. who ever papered the street last yeer wuz put off by the guys hanging out around the old camp fyre, no doubt telling ghost stories. i could hear their voices but not what they wuz saying.

it wuz enough to banish the T.P. ghouls. although i had little or no opinion of the folks across the street i dare say their standing increased in my estimation.


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