the truth is out there

guest post:
” Speaking from experience, I’ve been with several women who not only expressed a preference for a certain type of beer but went one step further and asked that it be refrigerated.

And did I protest? Did I take up arms against these liquor-crazed harpies? No. No, I capitulated, because I was raised by a high-ranking officer of the PC Police to never question the authority of Womynne. I did as I was told, and I was rewarded not with the no-holds-barred animalistic fuck-frenzies I had been promised, but with mere over-the-pants handies and vague promises that we would hang out again — much as the Roman centurions cruelly gave a dying Christ vinegar when He asked for something to quench His thirst.

The matriarchal dystopia has arrived and means to crush us all under its stylish high-heeled boot.

My name is EVERY MAN, and I… am a slave.


the crotch of the matter

guest post:
“Considering women (generally) are far less compromising than men when it comes to matters of the heart and loins, and that they are taught by popular media that the only men worth their time are the pretty and popular ones…

Nah, let’s just ignore anything that has to do with the male sex drive, and the consequences of forced abstinence, on large populations.

Especially lets ignore all those uncomfortable sex topics when they are commingled with violent religious doctrine.

“Why not make your life mean something?”
“It’s not like you have a real future.”
“Devote yourself to __(a god)__ instead of women who ignore you.”
“A life of loneliness, or a life of meaning?”

The blame might lie in the fragility of the male ego, but pretending it doesn’t exist is just as bad as ridiculing it when it’s present.”

a business model

guest post:
I really think that rich white autistic middle aged men have intimacy problems with all people: it’s just that women are the ones with the bits he wants to fuck, so lack of intimacy with men doesn’t even register for him.

So he’s utterly lonely, and grotesquely focused on competing with other men he doesn’t trust or feel equal to, for what he (creepily) sees as a limited resource that’s being unfairly denied him, and to which he feels entitled, because, patriarchy.

So when patriarchy starts showing cracks around the edges, his blameless justification for not feeling included starts to crumble, too. So lonely, angry, defensive and devoid of introspection. Who’d get with that?

We’ve got to build inexpensive, non-sentient sex robots, and soon. I don’t see any other ethical solution.”

the paradigm of saxual hegemony

guest post:
“The MRA and “alpha/beta male” ideology makes my head spin. I want someone to explain it to me, but I don’t think there’s a satisfactory explanation. Why is attention from women the end-all, be-all? THAT’S how you guage the value of your life? By how much (or little) women want to sleep with you? Fuck!

It seems like there’s some unaddressed pathology here that keeps these guys simmering in their own anger. Instead of addressing the root cause of that anger, they take it out on the women that reject them. But no one wants a partner who’s in a perpetual state of rage; that’s scary at worst and irritating at best.”

death metal O!presses the worker

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“I’m also seeing an alarming pattern in these stories of quiting/fired and the former employer calling back begging for help.

9 months after I left the job, they called me if I could give a graphic design class to the new guy… For $25.00. “A bit of spending money, hey man I’m just trying to help you out.”

Employers have no idea what your knowledge is worth until they can’t find anyone who knows what you know and even then, they probably still don’t. These people get in a position of power by fucking over the people that work for them.”

FAQ’s of death metal

your job is death metal!

guest post:
““Finally I had figured out that they were going to take me for all I was giving, and put out nothing in return.”

Everybody needs to read this two or three times, because this is true of employers everywhere. Despite all the lip service paid to concepts like “work/life balance”, etc, the fact is that *nobody* will look out for you but you. If you don’t want to get stuck working 80 hour weeks forever, *you* are the one who has to put the brakes on that. Your boss won’t do it.”

VW cheating and union breaking

VW haz plants in tennesee. the plant wanted to unionized. the goobermint of that state iz against unions. the governor and senator promised VW there would be no union if jobs stayed in usa and expanded.

but the UAW got a union vote and it wuz ratified.

now there is a big cheating scandal. VW diesels  cheated at pollution tests. the company admitted this. fanboys deny it it saying becuz the vehicles get 52 mph they are cleaner than cars with lower mph.

i’m not a scientist nor do i portray on on TV. following is a link to a pdf that describes testing:

now there is talk of VW on the hook for billions in corrective actions and fines. plant will be shuttered and jobs lost. can you guess where those plants and jobs will be? at unionized factories in the state of tennesee. where else?