skyline drive

i thought i wood mention how useless goobermint iz. iffen dat bothers you, move on!

i live in white milf, pigsack county in the grape stake of new jerky. it borders with burrgin county. i haz to go to pottysum, a post apocalyptic city. there are only two roads to get there. they both have to cross the mountain. one is skyline drive.

i started going over skyline drive on my commute back in 2009. even then, the main intersection to get on highway was in a state of advanced decay. skyline drive meets at the junction of two highways. one goes north and actually intersects the other roads at the north of the dividing mountain. the other veers off to the south to skim past pottysum.

back in 2009 the road right at the entrance exit to the highway was terrible rutted with pot holes.. it didnt matter if you zigged or zagged. pot holes all around. this is a major meeting point off roads that funnels traffic to this ponit. sure, i could drive south another 5 miles then backtrack on the highway losing the time and adding extra fuel consumption. same thing with heading north and the south.

only this yeer did TPTB decide to pave the intersection and remove the potholes and ruts. why did the various goobermints, fed, state, county and local allow for such piss poor road conditions at a major intersection?

in my town of whit milf many roads were left to decay. they werent bombed out like roads in eye rack but they might as well been. even the main road in my section of town had deep and large pot holes that persisted through two winters. finally during 2015 these roads were repaved becuz of elections.

the incompetent dumb asses running or should i say ruining goobermint want to be re elected and keep their cushy over paid do nothing jobs. in the mean time i wuz forced to drive on roads that were so much less than satisfactory.

when a pot hole opens up it isnt filled and the one next to it and the one next to it. everyone pays outlandish  property taxes but nothing gets done.

my boss sez i got it good. i had to spend $4000 on dental treatment this yeer becuz i aint got dental insurance. teachers, cops and firemen get paid dental thanx to high taxes. the least i want iz to drive to my slave demeaning job on smooth well maintained roads. is that so much to ax for?

the owner likes to squeeze everyone’s balls and make them dance. hiz second in command abuse hiz position by abusing the employees. tells them to ship defective parts then blames them.

i want roads to be paved smooth in a timely manner. letting roads turn into pot holes and ruts dont cut it.

oh, and screw you too if you dont like it. the goobermint can fuck itself.

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