more solar powered coffee and bread

saturday wuz mostly cloudy/partly sunny. still i made bread. lucklishly the bread machine haz a 58 minnit quick cycle. i loaded up the ingredients plugged into my solar cart and pressed start at 11:30 am. by 12:30 pm i wuz able to let the bat trees juice up.

sunday turned out to be mostly sunny with some hazy clouds. i wuz able to brew coffee. the old coffee brewer grounds basket cracked. it wuz 20 yeers old. lucklishly i had a new replacement. this one is “programmable”. iffen i had it hooked up to the grid i could have set it to make coffee at any time. for instance, i could add water and grounds before bedtime and set it to brew at 5:55 am for a cup of coffee as i wake up to go to work.

that’s not how i roll. i only brew on weekends. two cups on saturday and two on sunday. the caffeine makes me jittery. plus i get jazzed up to do all the home projects. at work they have coffee available but why do i want to do stupid things faster?

the new coffee brewer doesnt need the clock set just to brew coffee and it “only” uses 650 watts. after i drank the coffee and had oatmeal with diced apple and banana i loaded up the bread maker and made another loaf of banana pumpkin chocolate bread. sunday i pressed start at 10:30 am and done in 58 minnits. the solar cart had the rest of the afternoon to collect photons to store for later.

all in all i wuz very pleased wiff me self.

today at 5:45 the lights blinked for a second. the microwave clock went to 88:88. this happened some time on friday while i wuz at work and 4 other times before that in as many weeks. i called up the electric company to pay my bill and mentioned it to the associate. she sed that mebbe it wuz a squirrel or the wind blowing a branch up against a wire. sounds suspicious to me. i think i am paying top dollar for electric and getting crummy service.


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