Eagles of Death Metal

is it ironic that the “Eagles of Death Metal” concert had deaths in it? just saying…

my country, uhmerika, haz ben bombing syria. our old arch enemy russia is now bombing syria. it’s so bad that millions of syrians have left for the relative safety of europe.

now cultural shock is resounding through out the land.

the president, O!bama sez we must accept syrian refugees. he sez it’s not what “we” represent.

the uhmerikan goobermint wants to spend untold billions providing for an unknown number of refugees.

i dont get it at all. dont understand the big picture.

i still live in a safe place but that may change. food is readily available, cheap and in abundance and variety. that may change. i still have a job but that may change. energy is expensive but available but that may change.

i wrote to the town about huge pot holes on the main road through my community. in fact i wrote a number of times about how frequent and large they were. finally in the spring of 2015 the pot holes were filled up after 18 months of neglect. but one remained. it was hastily patched during one early complaint but soon reopened beuz of winter. it remained open after all the others were filled. now just this week in the fall of 2015 it has ben filled just in time for winter to open it up again.

now brand new pot holes are forming where they never were before. they are just cracks really but they will surely widen as the winter sets in with salt spreading and plowing and freeze/thaw working it’s magic.

i pay high taxes to the various goobermints, fed, state and local but the roads are neglected to almost the point of public safety hazard. one must try and zig or zag to avoid the worst without veering into oncoming traffic or some object along the curbside.

i haz to go to work 5 days a week to earn money to pay for taxes and food and energy and maintain my home and transportation. my commute is about 26 miles each way. the drab scum of routine makes me angry becuz i see the inconsiderate way many folks drive their cars.

i often stay home evenings and weekends to avoid driving and all that implies. it is horrible. if a syrian refugee come here he/she may find it fun compared to being bombed and strafed by uhmerikan and russian fighter jets. mebbe this person witnessed some one near and dear being brutally raped and killed. mebbe they themselves narrowly missed being beheaded.

i often wonder when uhmerika will get a turn at destruction, rape, hunger and forced migration.

when i wuz a kid there were two types of uhmerikans, white or black. then the race riots gave everyone equality. but  just about this time the open immigration started.

i noticed that manufacturing is 50% spanish now. whole cities are spanish speaking.

i often ask spanish people about their countries. “when you make a phone call to a business or goobermint office do they have a menu where they ask one for spanish and two for english?”. the spanish people all laugh at me.

NO! no bilingual nuthin.

why does “the west” want refugees and immigration? take me for instance i got a microwave oven, a toaster, a toaster oven, a flat screen tv, a digital camera, a laptop, a car, towels, pots and pans, clothes, furniture, in fact everything a consumer needs. i am tapped out.

BUT! a refugee comes here with just the clothes on his/her back. same with immigrants legal or illegal.

they need housing, food, clothes, furniture, towels, beds, microwave ovens, digital cameras and much much more! why they even need jobs eventually.

mebbe  some small percentage will be terrorists. mebbe some citizens will be killed. ok, makes room for more refugees and immigrants who will have to be supplied with the accouterments of uhmerikan consumerism.

commerce and profit, that is the name of the game. but remember advanced military power is being used to force the vast exodus we see about the world to today.

let’s say uhmerika doesnt like the guy running syria. do they send in a secret hit squad to take him out? that’s too subtle. uhmerika bombs the whole nation into the stone age with all the accompanying suffering of the populace, then sez “real” uhmerikans accept refugees. SHIT!

uhmerika spent $500 million to train 50 rebels. what does that tell you? uhmerika spent ONE TRILLION DOLLARS to lose a war in afghanistan. what does that tell you?

iraq is a dysfunctional non state. billions of dollars are unaccounted for. mission accomplished.

the uhmerikan goobermint sez no COLA for folks on soc sec, cant afford it. cant (wont) provide medical care for it’s own military veterans!

uhmerika and russia and now france are the eagles of death metal.

good day to you.


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