double u double u three

uhmerika is a sick nation. sick, sick, sick. read the news and you will see. it’s so bad a a guy wuz swinging a sword in the NYC apple store.

a cop sang a death metal song in uniform. he belonged to a band.

but what do i know. i haz to go to work everyday. i need money. i iz too scared to sell drugs. i dont have the moral fortitude to work on wall street. i end up in a factory actually manufacturing stuff.

i aint got dental insurance so i spent 4 grand getting some of my teeth fixed. every one agrees that paying the O!bama care fine is actually cost effective than having the insurance coverage.

we be on the cusp of WWIII. the warrior nations are dropping expensive bombs on dessert nations forcing mass migrations and a refugee crisis.

leaders are for refugees and against refugees but the bombings continue. run of the mill walk around citizens are polarized into for/against paradigm of hegemony.

WTF! uhmerika sez assad must go so uhmerika bombs the shit out of everyone else in syria. seems like someone didnt think this plan through unless “they” know something we dont.

uhmerika haz a soc sec. uhmerika sez no COLA increase for soc sec. but…uhmerika haz all this money to bomb syria. it haz all this money to give to client states to bomb other nearby  nations.

it haz money to support refugees over citizens. O!bama haz spend millions on golfing vacations. billions unaccounted for in irag. trillions spent on afghanistan. uhmerika haz the biggest military budget.

why are there pot holes in my street?why is pot illegal? why dont i have dental insurance? why is medical care and medicine so expensive in uhmerika?

there iz so much bullshit bean spread around i dont know what shit to believe!

i just dont believe any of it. all i can do iz stumble through each day.

why do billionaires want more? why iz the minimum wage a threat to uhmerikan society but billionaires can take all they want?

billionaires buy people to do their dirty work. some lady bought out the entire contents of a toy store to give to homeless children. but…but…but..those children are still homeless. how did that rich lady get that money? by paying low taxes? by paying low wages? to hoarding it all? so some kids get a raggity doll to hang on to for a while but how do we solve homelessness?

am i a worthless piece of crap becuz i have to give my dentist thousands of dollars to fix my teeth instead of buying homeless children toys?

why dont we just say all homeless people are moslems and send them to concentration camps?the only thing we can agree on in uhmerika is that we should hate someone. blacks hate whites, whites hate blacks, asians hate blacks, blacks hate asians, jews hate… hate.. hate… hate… ratpublikans hate dumbocrats….straights hate gays, gays hate straights, jobs hates gates…hate…hate…hate…

there must be money in hate. i hate when people get up in my face and tell me about their righteousness. then they tell me what to believe and how to act and who to give my money too. then they stomp on my face with a big boot forever.  this iz uhmerika. everyone haz an ax to grind and a head to bury it in.

let’s get thinks sparkling clear to avoid misunderstanding. the uhmerikan goobermint doesnt give a rat’s ass about my opinion. it iz a rouge goobermint. it is out of control. i dont want to bomb anyone. iffen the goobermint wants to bomb a nation and population i am against it. especially so if that population iz forced to migrate somewhere else.

i say O!bama should take in all those refugees at the white house and feed and clothe and take care of all of them himself. same with any governor or representative or senator or mayor. spend your money only, dont ax me to pony up for it. you are the guys and gals bombing the hell out of those faraway places. dont tell me how an uhmerikan is supposed to act.

no dental insurance, pot holes in streets, soc sec bean cut and now i am supposed to welcome folks with open arms becuz YOU decided to bomb the crap out of their nations.


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