it haz already happened just as i described.

“While Maita Circle looks dark tonight, Sacramento police say a Christmas decoration here was so bright Wednesday night, that a coast guard plane pilot thought a laser was shining into his cockpit.”


i live in the grape stake of new jerky. now dat grinchmas is nearing some malls will have giant multiple search lights beamed up at the sky to attract customers.

many new auto dealers do the same. auto dealers a known to shine bright spot lights into traffic at night to..deter theft? well, the dealers are closed but the lights remain.

there is a grinchmas decorated house in a town nearby called the elvis house. this guy starts decorating in august.

a big amusement park in southern part of state haz a grinchmas lite spectacular with thuosands of lites. will some dumb ass pilot who haz ben trained to call in “lazer hits” call in all these examples?

jusgt saying. who can i complain to when some commercial establishment shines blinding lights into traffic? the goobermint will tell me to GTFO! that’s what. just like the goobermint will leave a pot hole unfixed for 2 yeers. citizen, get bent!


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