serious about syria

the uhmerikan goobermint doan whan no assad to run syria. so wah do dey do? well, jest bomb the whole fricking country …except assad!

doan you think dat is sum  outstanding foreign policy? of course it’s ass backwards. the uhmerikan bombing created violent factions and “rebels”. now there is this ISIS elemnt that uhmerika “caint” stop.

so russia steps in and bombs the hell out of ISIS and now they are on the run. just seems that mebbe ISIS is a proxy agent of the uhmerikan goobermint to destabilize syria. the fact that it created millions of refugees that are flooding europe jest doan have no  call on any results.

the russians bombed ISIL oil refineries and wells and trucks for deliveries which the uhmerikans didnt seem to know about.

now france haz joined in the bombing. there are other client states such a saudia arabia and izreal bombing other nations and or groups becuz of terrorists and rebels.

the uhmerikan goobermint haz no money for soc sec COLA. the uhmerikan goobermint haz no money for VETERANS! but we gotz lotz of money for bombing other places.

what if this bombing is what is creating rebels and terrorists?

bean uhmerikan i wuz told dat the taliban is evil, al Qaeda is evil, they want to destroy uhmerika. but now this same uhmerikan goobermint want to enlist al Qaeda to fight ISIS. just fuck me up the ass already!

the russians and red communism used to be our enemies, the the USSR fell and russia wuz our buddies (some days our enemies).

china iz our enemy but we exported all our jobs and debt to them and import all sorts of toys and gadgets back.

i aint making this shit up. what if uhmerika is the real evil empire becuz of wall street and banksters? just saying.

president O!bama goes golfing every other week. costs the taxpayers millions of dollars each time but we aint got no money for soc sec, etc. but we gotz lotz of dough for refugees, &c.


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