more solar powered coffee

YOSH! this weekend saturday and sunday i brewed morning coffee using a stand alone solar photo voltaic electric generating system i cobbled up on my own. the various parts were designed by people much smarter than myself. i’m just a systems analyst who put parts a, b, c, etc. together.

still, i denied the local utility company the cost of production and transmission and up keep of their system. i am proud of myself. the coffee tasted sooo goood.

saturday wuz quite sunny and all my carts got juiced up. sunday started out heavy overcast then bright but hazy sun and overcast again. the one cart i used got a few volts knocked off the bat trees but i doubled up on the panels. although that system isnt fully charged it’s not near  depleted.

some would consider the chore to roll a system out of storage and string out an extension cord and plug in the grinder and brewer rather then just flip a switch. but that is exactly what THEY want you to do. you are brainwashed by simplicity. you are dependent on the grid and all that implies.

i accept the challenge. i’ll expend 30 minnits of my time to deny the electric company any and every penny. too cheap to meter my ass.

and of course, the environment is saved a tiny bit. maybe there is somewhat less of a likelyhood that a person or persons unknown to me will be killed or murdered or bombed becuz they live on top of an oil reserve that is coveted by the “civilized” west to run their “advanced” society. just saying, i can take some pride in that too. intangibles. i dont expect you to understand. internet archeologists of the future might…



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