VW cheating and union breaking

VW haz plants in tennesee. the plant wanted to unionized. the goobermint of that state iz against unions. the governor and senator promised VW there would be no union if jobs stayed in usa and expanded.

but the UAW got a union vote and it wuz ratified.

now there is a big cheating scandal. VW diesels  cheated at pollution tests. the company admitted this. fanboys deny it it saying becuz the vehicles get 52 mph they are cleaner than cars with lower mph.

i’m not a scientist nor do i portray on on TV. following is a link to a pdf that describes testing:


now there is talk of VW on the hook for billions in corrective actions and fines. plant will be shuttered and jobs lost. can you guess where those plants and jobs will be? at unionized factories in the state of tennesee. where else?


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