the truth is out there

guest post:
” Speaking from experience, I’ve been with several women who not only expressed a preference for a certain type of beer but went one step further and asked that it be refrigerated.

And did I protest? Did I take up arms against these liquor-crazed harpies? No. No, I capitulated, because I was raised by a high-ranking officer of the PC Police to never question the authority of Womynne. I did as I was told, and I was rewarded not with the no-holds-barred animalistic fuck-frenzies I had been promised, but with mere over-the-pants handies and vague promises that we would hang out again — much as the Roman centurions cruelly gave a dying Christ vinegar when He asked for something to quench His thirst.

The matriarchal dystopia has arrived and means to crush us all under its stylish high-heeled boot.

My name is EVERY MAN, and I… am a slave.

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