weird scences from the monkey sphere

guest post:
“monkeys on a remote island have concluded, after much rigorous research, that there is no “intelligent” life anywhere else in the universe, because nobody out there appears to be flinging poo. there were some anomalies, suggesting possible poo flinging activity around the North American continent, but the research team were quick to add that there are many ways that poo can be flung through entirely natural physical processes.”


murry xmas

christmas 2015 i wuz able to brew coffee using solar photo voltaics. saturday and sunday following not so. i had to use utility mains power. but i doan feel so bad becuz:;_ylt=A0LEVvshEHtWJh4AcbtjmolQ

“Bright lights strung on American trees, rooftops and lawns account for 6.63 billion kilowatt hours of electricity consumption every year, according to a recent blog post by the Center for Global Development.

That’s more than the national electricity consumption of many developing countries. El Salvador for one, uses 5.35 billion kilowatt hours, while Ethiopia consumes 5.30 billion and Tanzania 4.81 billion.

The researchers, Todd Moss and Priscilla Agyapong, used data from a 2008 US Department of Energy report and the World Bank to carry out their research.”

now it seems the mild weather iz over. winter starts and a storm iz brewing. mebbe lots of clawdz and not much sun.

jesus christ iz a gwad-DUH! i can get behind. all my sorrowful life i had HIZ birfday off and xmas eve 1/2 day, WITH PAY!

forget ancient miracles. i haz witnessed JC’s power all me life.

uhmerika iz a filthy stinking capitalistic nation. getting money, having money and spending money iz what it iz all about. yet…i still got JC’s birfday off. and when i wuz a leetle kid i got from skool too!

yup, jest call me a christian.

on xmas eve day i left the same time as always to go to work. but the main road wuz closed off. the guys standing around the fire truck blocking the road sed, “about 1/2 hour”. of course i knew dat info wuz totally inaccurate. no knead to go home and wait unless i wanted to miss work…

it happens that this main road iz the main road. i had to drive 10 miles north east then 10 miles south to get past the blockage and be only 4 miles away from my house. this tuk “about 1/2 hour”. which is what the guys standing in front of the fire truck blocking the road meant. it would take a 1/2 hour to drive around the “block”.

good thing i did. i wuz only 11 minnits late for work. this iz where it getz queer.

on the way home, about 11:30 a.m., traffic stops on top of the pass from the highway to the main road. lots of fire trucks and rescue vehicles and a strong cop presence. a car wuz in a ditch over turned. luckishly, i got through before dey closed the road to remove the car. might have been another “1/2 hour”. and that iz about what it would take to go around the block.

some natcheral hills block roads goan east west. roads follow valleys and zig zag up and down. between 20 miles there are two roads that far apart dat go true dee hillz.

my main road iz like dat. it iz dee only pass true dee ridges dat run north south. ten miles north or south you can turnaround and start back tracking.

i thought it wuz strange dat 2 accidents should block two roads like dat on a pre hollerday hollerday.

i got to see the second later accident aftermath in all itz gory glory. all i seen of the first one wuz a smashed utility pole lashed together. WTF tuk out a wooden utility pole? granted the roads were slick from heavy rain but they warnt especially slippery like ice or snow, it bean record mild at the time.

someone totally tanked out at 6 am? doan know. praise be to JC it warnt me.

total political crap

talk about repugnant on line discussions…
tom cook, gay pussin, haz sed dat, “The current tax code was made for the industrial age, and not the “digital age,”.

“techniques such as so-called inversion deals, where a company redomiciles its tax base to another country. Apple holds $181.1 billion in offshore profits, more than any other U.S. company, and would owe an estimated $59.2 billion in taxes if it tried to bring the money back to the U.S., a recent study based on SEC filings showed.”

i thought LGBT pipplez were supposed to be “better” than straight pipplez. seems tom cook iz the same sort of greedy asshole as any CEO 1%ter. i haz lost my faith in the LGBT community.

“Cook said bringing profits back to the United States would cost him 40 per cent. “I don’t think that’s a reasonable thing to do,” he said.” ASSHOLE!

uhmerika iz taking it up the wazz-hoo!

bush calls trump a “jerk”

repugnant talk from a repugnantkin. but i agree, trump is a jerk and so is bush and crispy crisp and paul and all the rest. hillary is a jerk and so is sauders. jerks all around, meaning IT’S A CIRCLE JERK!

trump makes no efforts to hide hiz jerkiness. indeed, trump iz a pompous self centered ass. bush on the other hand is trying to pass him self off as joe six pack. right. bush is a 1%ter through and through. he wants to O!press joe and jane six pack with low wages and and no benefits.

all of them are beholden to special interests and wall street banksters. so, i iz goan to vote for trump. i doan see how it could be any worse or any better.

except…think of all the cool jokes and parodies that will be played out on late nite TV. it’s a jobs program for comedians.

repugnant on line speech redux

cop stalked women on line them discussed chopping them up
(i.e., killing them) and eating them.

courts found not guilty.

“Michael Meltsner, a law professor at Northeastern University, said he believes Bigelow has a strong First Amendment challenge to his conviction.

“You have a First Amendment right to be obnoxious – especially when you are dealing with a matter of public concern – unless you are threatening violence or behaving in a way that will provoke violence immediately,” Meltsner said.”


P.O.E, G.W.T.M.

it bean the time of dee yeer when the duh power of christ iz supposed to be duh strongest, it bean hiz birfday.

me boss started mumbling about how he can deny anyone workman’s comp and disability. i had to remind him about the guy who got hiz hand stuck in a machine. this guy iz out goan on tree months. i jazzed me boss by saying this guy is on PERMANENT disability.

this bosss sez he will deny me and others unem also. well, iffen you got a shyster lawyer and a quack doktor i guess you can get anything.

the guy wot got hiz hand stuck in the machine iz black and i’m white. me boss is supposedly white but mebbe he iz one o dem black pipplez wot jest look white. mebbe he iz bean a big time racist.

why wud he say i cant get disab or unem? why wud he say it in dee manner of a threat unveiled? becuz you see, he iz an asshole. dat’s why.

the power of christ isnt in him. diz time of dee yeer means nothing to a mean pussin.

people ax me how my christmas season iz goan. i usually mumble sumpin unintelligible. becuz, you see, i got no dental insurance. i spent almost 5 grand on two crowns. duh dentist is goan to have a greeat christmas not me. but no one will unnerstand me sentiment. maybe the power of christ isnt in me either. still, i doan go around threatening people with blocking certain social programs, especially doze dat i pay into wiff withholdings in each paycheck.

this black guy who iz on disab likes to brag about how high he iz. he sayz dumb shit like, “i forgot how to do this becuz of this great pot i smoked!”. “i forgot wot i iz doing becuz i jest smoked some pot”

pretty much everything he iz assigned gets screwed up. usually the boss yells at me! things are goan quite smooth wiffout mistoe fuck up bean around. i doan miss him. i hope he gets perm disab.

i aint agin folks gitten high. i think drugs should be decriminalized. iffen a feller wants to smoke a marijuana cigarette after a grueling day at dee factory or office i iz jest fine wiff dat. a feller wants to have snifter of brandy or pop a pill or any other recreational use of “medicine”, sure fine. jest doan do it at work where you may hurt yurself or others. uhmerikans have a problem wiff self restraint. i see it everywhere. it will be the downfall of dis formally great nation. no one wants to get jest a little bit high, why you haz to get mob stinko or totally blitz so you doan remember dying or killing someone else.

this black guy,however, smoked reefer at 7am, then 9 am break, then lunch, the 2 pm break. it wuz hiz hallmark cologne.i wud venture to posit dat hiz unbridled drug use wuz, iz, will be a factor in hiz accident.

so i double resent me asshole boss telling me heez goan to deny ME disab.

i decided to goad him wiff dee black guy’s disab every chance i get jest to piss me boss off. it’s dee uhmerikan way.

ISIS oil

ISIS has a fleet of 1500 tankers to deliver oil to middlemen in the middle east. i notice dat the price of gaz-o-lean haz ben dropping to olde tyme prices in the yo yes of ay. mebbe itz jest co winky dink?

i haint complaining. blood oil and blood gaz? well, it’s cheap. iffen youse an uhmerikan you be drenched in dee blood of O!pressed pipplez. what’s some more blood to save a few bucks?

ISIS popped out of dee woodwork fully formed. it burst into and onto the intertubes. i say ISIS is a manufactured boogy man anyway.

the russians bombed a convoy of ISIS tankers and some refineries. a few days later the uhmerikans and british rebomb the same places.

it makes wander wot exactly iz goan on. fog of war, &c. well, how many gallons of “juice” does it take to brew 2 cups of coffee or make a loaf of brade? i like to think in my foolishness dat i am reducing the carnage by using my solar carts. who can say? some book folks respect haz a passage in it about every thing we do, that iz EVERYTHING, iz like rags to gawd or gah-DUH! dat goez to the titans of wall street also. who exactly iz doing “the general concept of a being superior to humans that is worshiped” work?