more off grid life

today sunday i brewed coffee with my photo voltaic solar power cart. then i used the cart to run the hedge trimmer to finish up cutting the hemlock branches. i recharged the a battery for the 3 1/2 inch circular saw. i figger every little bit helps.

like saturday, sunday wuz brilliant sunny. the batteries in all the carts are near full charge. it’s always best to use solar power when the sun is out.

the roof system put out 19 KWH but i used 61 KWH. i got electric baseboard heat. i ran the dish washer and two loads of laundry and the clothes dryer. the dining room and living room got up to 68 degrees from sunlight streaming in the picture windows.

i wish i could add more panels to the house. there warnt a breath of breeze today or yesterday so folks with wind mills were S.O.O.L..

i didnt start my car today. i stayed home. i dint make any one line purchases. i haz to go to the dentist on monday.

a dominican fellow told me that for the money i paid to the dentist in uhmerika i could have flown to hiz country, stayed in a swank hotel FOR 3 WEEKS, got laid by hot women AND got my teeth fixed. a guy from uruguay told me the same thing. i can fly to hiz country, stay in a swank hotel, get my teeth fixed and hook up with hot women.

the trouble iz dat my employment dont got no dental insurance. my boss sez i am doing good even though the dental work iz 10% of my gross. lots of uhmerikans have bad teeth. lots of uhmerikans have missing teeth as pulling a tooth iz often the cheapest way of dealing wiff dental problems. the supervisor at work told me he haz ben walking around with a a “temporary” tooth for 2 yeers. he cant afford the crown.

USA! USA! USA! #1! #1! #1! let’s go bomb a hospital!

“they” say uhmerika iz running short of bombs to drop in the dessert. WELL! we sure aint running out of bullshit.


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