“tanks” giving

i iz an uhmerikan and weeze celerbrate a hollerday called “tanks” giving. uhmerika iz a great warrior nation. often we deem an affair not worth the sweat off our ballz so we use our hegemony to pull puppet actors’ strings in many theaters. this is often done by giving tanks, the type that shoots projectiles that explode on contact. we, that is uhmerika, gave saudi arabia a bunch of tanks. they “lost” a whole bunch when the invaded yemen for us. no big deal we got a million of dem. izreal iz another country we give tanks to, to do our dirty business or iz it their dirty business? well, it dont matter we give tanks!

i had off on “tanks” giving day and the friday following as used to be customary. back in dee olden dayz of my yoot the whole nation shut down. one had to stock up before. then friday wuz used for lounging around watching tv or visiting friends and family. now it iz a day of unbridled shopping.

of course none of dat is me main thesis. i used photo voltaic energy to brew coffee on tanks giving and friday also. saturday i had to use utility power and it made me cringe to do so. same sunday, it bean very foggy early. but…as soon as the coffee wuz brewed the fog burned off into a clear fall morning. so i used photo voltaic power to run the bread machine and pinched out a loaf of punkin brade.

today bean the weekend after tanks giving i brewed coffee with me portable solar electric generator. then i used it to charge batteries for my portable tree limb trimmer. and then! i plugged the electric shrub trimmer in to reduce the branches down to manageable sizes.

i place the solar carts in my driveway to face east and catch the morning sun. some hemlock trees have shot up long but thin trunks 2 or 3 meters (6 to 9 feet) and they were casting long shadows interfering with placement of the carts in the driveway.

now the low winter sun sun shines more fully and unobstructed. that means i can place the carts out slightly earlier and start brewing coffee earlier and the insolation time is increased. i give “tanks”.


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