steve jobs syrian terrorist!

this is a repugnant on line discussion. (cop stalked 100 women on line and chatted how he wanted to kill them and eat them. NOT GUILTY!)

i just found out that steve jobs biological father wuz syrian. i guess becuz he wuz syrian uhmerikans should allow refugees admittance into the you yes of ayyy!

i call bullshit. steve jobs wuz an asshole. sure, he hired a bunch of people who were smarter than him and gave then specs to develop an iphone. i once saw a very attractive young lady in NYC down by the south shore seaport. she wuz busy swiping her iphone, giving it an orgasm, and just walking across the street and almost got swiped by a garbage truck. she wuz completely unaware of her surroundings. the look on her face implied to me that not only wuz she stroking her iphone giving it an orgasm, she wuz having an orgasm herself.

now there are legions of people walking around or even driving who cant stop staring at the little screen. work, skool, play dat iphone haz to be deer and lit up. izombies(tm) i callz ’em.

i submit to you dat steve jobs iz an asshole. hiz old man bean a syrian not withstanding. steve jobs grew up in uhmerika and absorbed all the assholery of bean an uhmerikan. iffen he wuz a real good pussin he would have developed rules of etiquette for using an iphone, sort of like assimov’s 3 rules of robotics.

the first rule of using an iphone would be, “dont be an asshole”.

steve jobs conspired with other tech CEO’s to fix wages of the people who were smarter than him. him and those other high tech assholes agreed in “secret” emails not to poach each others workers thus locking the workers into less earnings (instead of upward mobility and the uhmerikan dream) while steve and those others assholes made billions. i submit to you, isnt dat a form of terrorism? economic terrorism.

“he invented the iphone so cut him some slack.” FART! you fan boy.


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