the power of solar power

today bean the 19th of december and a few days before the winter solstice i brewed morning coffee using solar powered photo voltaics. then….i used more photovoltaics to make chocolate banana punkin brade. then… i made rice!

so dat is tree things what is possible to do with a modest solar powered system. it beers repeating, the coffee maker uses 600 watts, the brade maker 350 watts and the rice cooker 300 watts.

as i got 4 separate solar carts i used 3 different ones for each operation to let the bat trees recharge.

the sun came up bright and strong. i wuz able to complete these solar powered tasks jest be foe noon. then the cloudz rolled in. although filtered sunlite in and out by cloud cover cuts down on recharging i left the carts out till 2 pm anyway. it bean around 30ish F the charge controllers jazzed out max amps.

it iz very very possible to live the off grid life. of course i iz hooked up to the utility and i got grid tied panels on the roof. still, i wanted to deny the electric company any watt i can, becuz.

“they” say october 2015 wuz the warmest on record and i actually had a credit for dat month. november “only” cost me 56 bucks which surprised the hell out of me, dat bean more a usual charge for october (my abode is fully electric). so it looks like november wuz really warm also. november wuz characterized by sunny days and cloudy nites.

december iz shaping up purty much dee same. last yeer i had a foot of snow on the roof and the panels warnt even fer show. but den as snow goes an inch iz az good az a foot fer blocking sunlite.

deny, Deny, DENY! i iz in denial towards the electric company. do you know (well, i iz telling you now) daay my filthy dirty electric company had 8 interruptions in the past 10 weeks. EIGHT!a totall of 90 minnits! when i come home and see the microwave oven clock blinking 88:88 then i know the power went out. i have a lamp timer, the dial type, electro mechanical. how ever much thast is off then i know how long the power wuz interrupted. that is getting to be 3rd world reliability. mebbe it iz terra-istic attacks on the controlling infrastructure.

i live in the grape stake of new jerky and i haz a new yurk electric company dat gets some power from indian point AT TOMMIK power plant on the hudson. it shut down for a few days becuz the control rods went crazy. first “they” sed it warnt anything serious but den “they” sed it wuz the control rod failure which sounded very scary to me.

mebbe soon the whole east coast will have to be evacuated sort of like what happened to japan but only worse. no one i know even mentioned it, not at all. but then no one i know mentions about syria or refugees or nations bombing syria to remove assad. nope, not at all. i find it all very puzzling.

and…i’m an idiot for using solar power.

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