bush calls trump a “jerk”

repugnant talk from a repugnantkin. but i agree, trump is a jerk and so is bush and crispy crisp and paul and all the rest. hillary is a jerk and so is sauders. jerks all around, meaning IT’S A CIRCLE JERK!

trump makes no efforts to hide hiz jerkiness. indeed, trump iz a pompous self centered ass. bush on the other hand is trying to pass him self off as joe six pack. right. bush is a 1%ter through and through. he wants to O!press joe and jane six pack with low wages and and no benefits.

all of them are beholden to special interests and wall street banksters. so, i iz goan to vote for trump. i doan see how it could be any worse or any better.

except…think of all the cool jokes and parodies that will be played out on late nite TV. it’s a jobs program for comedians.


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