ISIS oil

ISIS has a fleet of 1500 tankers to deliver oil to middlemen in the middle east. i notice dat the price of gaz-o-lean haz ben dropping to olde tyme prices in the yo yes of ay. mebbe itz jest co winky dink?

i haint complaining. blood oil and blood gaz? well, it’s cheap. iffen youse an uhmerikan you be drenched in dee blood of O!pressed pipplez. what’s some more blood to save a few bucks?

ISIS popped out of dee woodwork fully formed. it burst into and onto the intertubes. i say ISIS is a manufactured boogy man anyway.

the russians bombed a convoy of ISIS tankers and some refineries. a few days later the uhmerikans and british rebomb the same places.

it makes wander wot exactly iz goan on. fog of war, &c. well, how many gallons of “juice” does it take to brew 2 cups of coffee or make a loaf of brade? i like to think in my foolishness dat i am reducing the carnage by using my solar carts. who can say? some book folks respect haz a passage in it about every thing we do, that iz EVERYTHING, iz like rags to gawd or gah-DUH! dat goez to the titans of wall street also. who exactly iz doing “the general concept of a being superior to humans that is worshiped” work?

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