yet another day of solar power

it bean dec 20th and one of the shortest days of the yeer i done did brew more monring coffee and another loaf of punkin banana brade. i wuz all done by 11 am so the solar cart had a few hours to juice up. the other carts are juicing up also for next time.

it haz ben another extremely clear and brilliant sunny day after some early morning cloud cover. it’s always best to use solar power when the sun iz out. of course the roof grid tied solar iz going strong also with out snow cover.

it warms me heart no end to be able to deny the utility company another few cents. KILL A WATT TODAY!

other people kill their childrens or maybe the childrens kill the parents or the childrens go to skool and shoot up dee place or strangers go to public areas and kill other strangers. the cops kill and get killed. it seems to be one big shoot out in uhmerika. all i do iz KILL A WATT. that makes me abnormal.

i doan know how cloudy the rest of the month will be. might be cloudy for 60 dayz so i made dat extra loaf. soon the sun will appear to rise earlier and higher in dee sky and insolation will increase.

everyone needz a hobby or some way to use up the time they get for bean a monkey on a sphere of rock orbiting a white hole. what’s yurs?


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