more! solar! coffee!


yesterday i got to make coffee using solar power and today i wuz able to make coffee with solar power again. the local weather report had indicated doth days to be more cloudy than sunny. not until yesterday did the forecast change to mostly sunny. as of late late last nite today’s forecast wuz for more clouds than sun again.

i decided to bake another loaf of bread. i refrigerate the bread any way so another loaf takes up minimal room. besides, i dont know if next weekend will be sunny.

the best time to use solar power iz when dee sun iz out.

the bread machine draws 80 amps when kneading and warming. when the rise and bake cycle start it drops to under 30 amps. i hook up the spare 40 watt photo voltaic panel to the inverter to help it along. voltage drops to 11.8 when kneading then recovers to 12.2 volts. i can use a 600 watt pure sine wave inverter for the bread maker. for coffee i need the 1000 watt inverter.

jaanuary had a big storm. i called it winter storm bone head although everyone else calls it jonas. both names are made up and as legitimate. the point iz itz january. one would expect a major snow storm. i got 18 inches. where i live that is on the upper end of “normal”. other folks got 30 inches which even for me can be considered on the high end and even unusual. for those folks south of me it iz an outstanding even. there are folks in my town who got 24 inches.

often in january i can get back to back storms with just as heavy snow. some yeers see storm after storm dumping significant amounts. this yeer, winter 2015-2016 saw four snow storms. three had less than two inches each. only one, and i want to emphasize only one) major snow storm of more than 10 inches.

i often get 6-8-10 inches. that iz considered normal. so far so good. i mean i have to go to work and worry about extended power outages so less snow iz better. if i had lots of money to insulate myself from the effects of heavy snow i could enjoy it more.

global warming deniers say winter storm bone head (jonas) proves there iz no global warming. i chuckle. as i mentioned earlier, it iz january. my climate expects 24 inch snow falls.

itz a week later and there is a 75% reduction of snow pack. that iz unusual. for the first week of february itz predicted to have temps near or at 50 degrees and…RAIN! what to global warming deniers say to that? they ignore it. global warming denies cherry pick their data as much as global warming pundits do.

i dont believe in global warming but i do believe in climate change or rather climate disruption. maybe chaos iz a better word. what patterns and climate one expected are now replaced with extremes, a cold snap followed by warm period. dry when it should be wet. damp and cold when it should be dry and sunny. i see this happening.

i had a bunch of momentary power outages through the fall. clocks in stove or microwave blinking. longer ojutages effecting dial timers to turn lamps on/off.
i complained extensively to the utility. then at the beginningof january the utility submitted a rate increase to the BPU so they improve reliability.
they got their rate increase. i havent had any outages since then. waz it all a scam?

i thought for sure the power would go out for winter storm bone head. i bought gaz o leen for the generator, filled up 5 gallon buckets of water. got propane, charged all my bat trees and nothing happens.

i’m going to add a 500 watt solar powered off line power generator on a south roof just in case.


more solar coffee

after 4 weeks of using utility power i finally caught a break today. the forecast wuz for overcast but it turned out mostly sunny.

i wheeled out the solar carts, tossed the extension cord over the snow and wuz able to brew coffee and make a loaf of bread.

that’s the way it goes with solar. my state, new jerky, haz a 50% ratio of sun to cloudz. for every sunny day there is a cloudy day.

winter storm bone head, that everyone else calls jonas, covered the rooftop solar panels in 18 inches of snow. i thought they wouldnt generate electricity until the end of march. nope, a january thaw haz completely cleared them.

now itz just the 28 dayz of february. february iz a queer month. can go dry or lots of precip. climate iz what you expect. weather iz what you get.

march iz usually a warm muddy month but it can often substitute for february in cold and snow. that happens enough with a mild winter and then clobbered as the equinox approaches. but what man can predict the future?

the spice of life, seeing what happens next.

daughter of twenty faces


an excellent anime. young girl being poisoned by aunt and uncle to get inheritance.

a burglar busts in to steal a ruby but takes the kid also. she joins gang has adventures. the “boss” is a robin hood type. steals treasures from greedy people and sets them back in place. haz a background of black ops research during war. goes around destroying left over secret technology. “dies” a few times.

the kiod gets accepted into the gang. secondary characters fleshed out well. drawn excellent. i wuz satisfied to watch as iz, a robin hood type story. but..”tiger” is introduced as a rival to the boss. the whole gang gets wiped out in, the kid goes to school.meets a friend, some other folks looking for the boss and one gang member who escaped the hit.

this anime has dirigibles, submarines, cyborgs, death rays, plot twists and some continuity errors. mebbe the episodes i watched were edited. in 23 episodes i noticed 4 errors or unexplained escapes. but it is an anime and still good i recommend it highly.

a youtube link for all it’s worth:

pottysum new jerky & WS bone head

eyes work in pottysum new jerky a post apoplectic decayed urban center. winter storm bone head warnt kind to pottysum.

even dough pottysum haz a 500 million uhmerikan dollar annual budgot it haint got no wayz or meanz to plow dee streets. many side streets were very sloppy. one side street had a home made sign saying, “street closed” (rightly so).

my boss got stuck right outside the front door so me and another guy shoved hiz car back and he went down the street and got into the company parking lot.

only the 3 main streets in the entire stinking hell hole were plowed good. lucklishly the sun came out strong and temps moderated with plenty of melt down. still corners remained treacherous and where private contractors plowed huge mounds and piles blocked the view of traffic.

i guess all the money taken through property taxes iz wasted on graft and corruption.

however, when i tuk a wok around dee block dear were only two residences dat didnt shovel duh sidewalk in front of house. i bet dee town sends cops out to write tickets for dat but dont arrest or fine goobermint employees for failure to remove snow.

i haz a 28 mile commute and the highway wuz very cleer. my town and the next town over had done barely acceptable job of snow removal. compared to pottysum it wuz az if the roads were paved wiff gold bricks!

i haz to go over a steep mountain pass. there are two signs that flash to indicate the road iz closed. well, on wuz flashing. the other wasnt. the road wuz open. usually, TPTB end up putting a black plastic wrap over the flashing sign becuz no one knowz how TO SHUT IT OFF! aint dat some deep shit?


winter storm bone head

accuweather decided to unilaterally name winter storms without any official sanction. which means i can give a winter storm a name that is just as valid. for the storm of january 23,2016 i name thee “bone head”, much more fitting than jonas.

i got up around 4:30 am to take a leak. i flipped on the external spot and i had a dusting. after i made oatmeal and coffee, about 9:30 am, i went out and fired up the snow blower. i had about 5 inches. i only did the upper part of the driveway. i hadnt used the snow blower this season. i wanted to see if it started. it did. around 3 pm i went out again and did the whole driveway. it tuk an hour. the snow wuz as deep as the input cowling.

it wuz still snowing when i got done and iz still snowing as i write this. no doubt i will have to snow blow again sunday.

it’s bad. but it could have snowed like winter storm bone head every week for the past 8 weeks. seeing how i shoveled 3 times, the snow wuz only 1 inch, i am ahead of the game. the winter season of 2014-2015 wuz a nightmare.

pretty much only got february to suffer through.

uhmerikan expectionism

guest post:
“Everyone, do not forget to

buy a new phone every 2 years to phone nobody

buy a new car every 4 years to go nowhere

buy at least two holiday packs every year to rest nothing

buy a new display every year to watch the news

buy a new pair of shoes every month to go the veggie store

buy a new set of clothes every two months to hang on the closet and wear pajamas

buy two exercise machines every year to watch from them from afar while eating greasy raw meat with beer

or buy new VIP memberships for superfluous services, like a gym with an olimpic pool to match your untreatable hydrophobia.

But, above all, do not forget to just buy because, if you do it, then you’ll downgrade to the level of a non-human unworthy of living in a compulsive buyer society; you will be cast out for being uncool, unhipster, untrendy and sensible with your needs and expenditures.

It’d be just like ostracism was for the Greeks but without the loss of citizenship.”

fork, ass, over, done

guest post:
“Have you ever seen a Lazy-Boy with electric recline, a built in universal remote on one arm a cup holder on the other and a tray table that pops out for your T.V. dinner? The civilization that designed and built that piece of furniture needs to be invaded by a horde of unwashed, ax wielding [barbarians] and made to start all over again from scratch.”