plata pura

i am a silver bug. i actually made money on commemorative silver dollars. i found the trick is to buy “ugly” or unpopular coins. the u.s. mint charges an outrageous markup on it’s silver products, about 100%. i bought a few white house coins and made triple my money. i bought a few buffalo dollars and held on to them, i figger they will go up. i wish i had bought a whole bunch.

and i bought some leif erikson commemoratives. they languished for years at issue price even though they have a historically low mintage (about 30,000!). only now 20 years later am i seeing prices go up on a key issue of modern commenoratives.

basically it’s all hit or miss. oh! the price of silver. i have seen silver tank two times and i am expecting it to tank once more. it is being manipulated. silver stocks are sold many many times over physical inventories. a correction is more than likely due.

i avoided silver for many years and started buying on the down side of the last peak. i am hoping silver will go to less than 10 uhmerikan dollars an ounce. it has been hovering around 13-14 for a while now.

i aint got enough silver for a retirement fund. maybe if silver headed north of $100/oz i might be able to cash out. instead of collecting silver i should start smoking marijuana…

gold? i never touch gold. i almost bought ten ounces back in 2007 when it wuz 250/oz. i still kick myself in the butt. but “they” sed it would never go up.

well, look at what is considered valuable today. iphones…folks kill for them or commit assault becuz society considers them valuable. check out that old VCR you have in your closet. murders were committed for them once and soon very soon your old iphone will end up in your closet also. the next big thing will make it obsolete.

soon messages will be beamed right into your head without instrumentality.

resistance is futile.

junk silver… a phrase to disparage olde tyme 90% silver circulating coinage. how is a coin that is worth 10 times it’s face value considered junk? becuz yur masters want it that way. and you “bought” in to it.


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