sunday solar powered coffee

today sunday it wuz bright strong sun all morning. after i tuk a wok in dee pok i wheeled out the solar carts and brewed cofefe. it bean so sunny i also made rice using photo voltaics.

saturday wuz heavy overcast wiff only a brief sunny period so i had to use utility power.

friday i popped over to the city early and missed out the best time for insolation although it wuz overcast again and it didnt matter. no coffee on friday.

i got up early at 5am to look for comet Catalina but no luck. it aint a nekked eye comet. a nekked eye comet is one even a dumb ass wood see jest by glancing up. Comet Hale–Bopp comes to mind. it had two tails jest like catalina.

old wives say that when a cat reaches a hunnerd yeers old hiz tail splits in two.

another snorting comet wuz Comet Hyakutake. a feller cud watch move in 10 minnits time at 20 power in a RFT.

pooty much ever comet since dem two haz been a bust at least in the northern monkey sphere. i wanted to look fer the Quadrantid meteor shower but wuz cloudy. then i wanted to look for aurora from the recent solar storm but no dice, cloudy again. so i wuz lucky dat i cud brew coffee and cook rice.

i’m thinking of trading me telescope for a smelloscope. a telescope is used to peer into an object but a smelloscope is used to sniff it out. i wander what uranus smells like.


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