kali methane release

for a yeer now, as i write in jan 2016, california haz had an on going MAJOR methane leak.

fair use for important social issues of the day…
“Gov. Jerry Brown declared an emergency last week for the prolonged blowout that requires the utility to cover the costs and instructs state regulators to protect ratepayers.

The well is one of 115 in the Santa Susana Mountains where Southern California Gas Co., a division of San Diego-based Sempra Energy, stores natural gas in a vacant oil field about a mile and a half underground. It is the largest natural gas storage facility west of the Mississippi River and can provide energy to all of Southern California for a month.

It has been gushing the equivalent of about a quarter of the state’s daily output of methane, along with other gases, since it was reported Oct. 23. It is also blamed for depositing tiny oil droplets on cars and houses that are about a mile away.”

note the “reported on oct 23” date when it wuz really going on much longer than that.

“The site is leaking up to 145,000 pounds per hour, according to the California Air Resources Board. In just the first month, that’s added up to 80,000 tons, or about a quarter of the state’s ordinary methane emissions over the same period. The Federal Aviation Administration recently banned low-flying planes from flying over the site, since engines plus combustible gas equals kaboom.”

the values and amounts of methane and money are already being flushed down the memory hole.

“Steve Bohlen, who until recently was state oil and gas supervisor, can’t remember the last time California had to deal with a gas leak this big. “I asked this question of our staff of 30 years,” says Bohlen. “This is unique in the last three or four decades. This is an unusual event, period.””

it’s just as bad as BP deep horizon oil blow out in the gulf of mexico and the @tommik disaster.

“Fukushima is Japan’s radiation nightmare that just won’t go away. Ever since March 11, 2011, the damaged plant has been riddled with leaks and cleanup setbacks. Now Tepco, the operator of the damaged facility, says they’ve recorded spikes between 50-70 times above average readings in the gutters that pour water into a nearby bay.”

are you noticing a pattern? i see a pattern. bosses in their quest for maximum profit have forsworn safety and training. every one wants to become a millionaire and sail off into the sunset just like wayward hayward. so they hire unskilled wonkers at low wages and hope nothing bad will happen. of course goobermint is complicit. as long as goobermint employees make excellent money with great benefits and outstanding pensions that the low paid workers cant even hope to match, the public workers are fine with everything.

why is goobermint so slow to react to these man made technological disasters? why do so few private industry bigwigs go to jail?

because that is the way they want it. who are “they”? TPTB, that’s who.

methane is 70 times as effective as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. these same assholes are going to start to tell us, who had nothing to do with any of these negligent problems to cut back and conserve and even tax us all into the poor house. you’ll see.

you heard of nostrodamus? he could peer into the future. i am nostrildamus. i can sniff out the future and the stench is overwhelming.

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