powerball corruption

goobermint lotteries are supposed to benefit ed you kay shun and senior sitting sins. still my taxes keep going up and up!

some yeers ago i red a noose story how some dumbass crooks broke into a deli and stole all the lottery tickets. these are scratch off type. the article sed it wuz worth $100,000 in sales. after the dumbass crooks scratched off the tickets they had…are you ready?…FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS IN “WINNINGS”!!!!!

so the dumbass crooks redeemed the tickets not knowing the serial umbers are traceable and they wuz caught crimson fisted.

across the see in murray olde england a similar crime happened some odd yeers later. some limey dumbass crooks broke into what what ever the british call a deli and stole 100,000 pounds of lottery tickets. they ended up with 500 pounds in “winnings”. and the brits have “cereal” numbers just like we do and the limey dumbass crooks were caught.

all well enough. but consider $100,000 of lottery tickets yield $500 of “winnings”. looks like dat game iz rigged, me buck hoes!

so at the end of 2015 it wuz reported dat the head of security for power ball wuz fixing the tickets. he had an accomplice purchase the “winning” numbers and i guess the proceeds were divvied up. well, the security chief just wanted it all. he fixed a multi million dollar ticket and he got busted trying to cash it in.

firstly, i think folks who work for the lottery are excluded from playing the game and winning.

i noticed for a long time the powerball jack pots were never much over $250 mil. now dat dis guy iz out we have a new world record,

well, i dont fell lucky. so i pass. the odds are, as spock would point out, astronomical. besides after reading about the low payoffs in those scratch offs, well, you aint supposed to win.

you lose twice becuz none of dat money goes to help ed you kay shun or senior sitting sins and yur taxes keep going up and up!

all you get iz hope. sure, some one wins but a bunch lose.based on those scratch offs only .5% gets paid out. so…do the math…or just contemplate…1.3 billion dollars is .5% of the take. exactly where is the other 99.5% going? why aint i getting a tax rebate like those folks in alaska get becuz of billions in oil revenue?

becuz you and me iz fucked. it’s too late to pull yur hade out of yur ass.

the “LORDS OF THE LAST (days of earth)” need all dat money to build space ships to bail out on this dying monkey sphere. they havent yet made a hollywood disaster movie to show you all how itz going down.

the closest i can think of is, “when worlds collide”. yup, datz it. kneadz an update with new and realistic CGI and big name movie actors and actresses.

i truly wish dat i cud report to you dat it iz all dee work of shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7. nope. itz our own fucked up monkeys trashing dee planet.

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