MOL (manned orbital laboratory) wuz a top secret research project dat 1.5 billion 1960’s dollars wuz spent on with out any tangible results.

skylab wuz a public project to loft a “permanent” manned space lab into orbit. skylab wuz under funded and under manned and had some technical problems.

fair use for important historical issues….
“The U.S. Air Force’s MOL program ran from December 1963 until its cancellation in June 1969. The program spent $1.56 billion during that time, according to some estimates.
While the program never actually lofted a crewed space station, those nearly six years were quite eventful, featuring the selection of 17 MOL astronauts, the remodeling of NASA’s two-seat Gemini spacecraft, the development of the Titan-3C launch vehicle and the building of an MOL launch site at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.”

“Early in the MOL program, its architects weren’t quite sure what MOL was all about. “Is the MOL a laboratory?” reads one of the newly released documents, which were put out by the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). “Or is it an operational reconnaissance spacecraft? (Or a bomber?)”
Even today, aspects of the MOL initiative remain secret. ”

“Patricia Cameresi, chief of the NRO’s Information Review and Release Group, said the declassification of more than 20,000 pages of MOL documents was no easy task.”

“Truly said MOL “was not a trivial thing that we were working on.” He thought the program had solved some complex problems before “black Tuesday,” when delays, cost overruns and other factors brought the program to an end.”

the whole article at:

this is why we cant have nice things. the goobermint did all this research and kept it top secret then let skylab fall into the ocean long before it’s expected useful lifetime.

why werent all the data collected for MOL used on skylab? imagine if skylab turned into the ISS all those yeers ago! FART! FART, i say. the goobermint and it’s masters, TPTB, are fucking with us. still think that they arent shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7?

it’s worse. it’s a bunch of fucked up monkeys running (or is it ruining) the show.

it’s too late to pull yur head out of your ass. the stage is set for what’s gonna happen and it aint gonna be pretty.

even the “LORDS OF THE LAST (days of earth)” are gonna die horrible deaths. no one gets out of here alive.


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