uhmerikan expectionism

guest post:
“Everyone, do not forget to

buy a new phone every 2 years to phone nobody

buy a new car every 4 years to go nowhere

buy at least two holiday packs every year to rest nothing

buy a new display every year to watch the news

buy a new pair of shoes every month to go the veggie store

buy a new set of clothes every two months to hang on the closet and wear pajamas

buy two exercise machines every year to watch from them from afar while eating greasy raw meat with beer

or buy new VIP memberships for superfluous services, like a gym with an olimpic pool to match your untreatable hydrophobia.

But, above all, do not forget to just buy because, if you do it, then you’ll downgrade to the level of a non-human unworthy of living in a compulsive buyer society; you will be cast out for being uncool, unhipster, untrendy and sensible with your needs and expenditures.

It’d be just like ostracism was for the Greeks but without the loss of citizenship.”


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