daughter of twenty faces


an excellent anime. young girl being poisoned by aunt and uncle to get inheritance.

a burglar busts in to steal a ruby but takes the kid also. she joins gang has adventures. the “boss” is a robin hood type. steals treasures from greedy people and sets them back in place. haz a background of black ops research during war. goes around destroying left over secret technology. “dies” a few times.

the kiod gets accepted into the gang. secondary characters fleshed out well. drawn excellent. i wuz satisfied to watch as iz, a robin hood type story. but..”tiger” is introduced as a rival to the boss. the whole gang gets wiped out in, the kid goes to school.meets a friend, some other folks looking for the boss and one gang member who escaped the hit.

this anime has dirigibles, submarines, cyborgs, death rays, plot twists and some continuity errors. mebbe the episodes i watched were edited. in 23 episodes i noticed 4 errors or unexplained escapes. but it is an anime and still good i recommend it highly.

a youtube link for all it’s worth:


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