more solar coffee

after 4 weeks of using utility power i finally caught a break today. the forecast wuz for overcast but it turned out mostly sunny.

i wheeled out the solar carts, tossed the extension cord over the snow and wuz able to brew coffee and make a loaf of bread.

that’s the way it goes with solar. my state, new jerky, haz a 50% ratio of sun to cloudz. for every sunny day there is a cloudy day.

winter storm bone head, that everyone else calls jonas, covered the rooftop solar panels in 18 inches of snow. i thought they wouldnt generate electricity until the end of march. nope, a january thaw haz completely cleared them.

now itz just the 28 dayz of february. february iz a queer month. can go dry or lots of precip. climate iz what you expect. weather iz what you get.

march iz usually a warm muddy month but it can often substitute for february in cold and snow. that happens enough with a mild winter and then clobbered as the equinox approaches. but what man can predict the future?

the spice of life, seeing what happens next.


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