minutia of solar bread making

it’s stupor bowl weekend mebbe you should surf somewhere else. oh good, they’re gone. now down to business.

i used a 1000 watt dc/ac inverter with two 50 ah bat trees in parallel to make coffee, then a 600 watt dc/ac inverter connected to three 32 ah bat trees in parallel to make bread.

lastly i used another 600 watt dc/ac inverter to make rice. this setup uses two 32 ah bat trees in parallel. the bat trees are deka AGM about 6 yeers old and not many cycles on them. they have ben run down a few times to 50% discharge. all systems have #4 wiring. “they” say that for every hour of bat tree drain it takes 6 hours of charging. of course the bat trees are drained at a much higher rate compared to charging.

i use a 40 watt panel that can deliver almost 3 amps in full sun. when the rice cooker iz running it draws 22 amps. (as an aside i almost always use the system charging and discharging as compared to charge then discharge. solar power sort of indicates, you know, using the sun. modest systems on a cart really arent made for heavy duty off grid living. still, one can do real things with such modest equipment under the proper circumstances.)

today that system started beeping, “low bat tree”. a multimeter indicated 11.95 volts. a clamp meter saw 22 amps draw and only 2.86 amps charging. i hooked up the spare panel but the beep continued. in about 10 minnits the beeping stopped. the rice maker went into warm mode so the draw reduced. the double panels jacked the bat tree voltage back up to 12.4 volts.

i shut the inverter off and 5 minnits later the voltage read 12.65. one hour later charging voltage 13.10. no doubt i will have to charge this cart with twin panels all day tomorrow.

the inverter fan came on a few times even with ambient air temps around slightly over freezing. i have a sun shield, a piece of cardboard, across the front of the cart to prevent the sun’s heat from raising the inverter temp. i want to cook food not the electronic gadget i use.

to recap, i use a morning star PWM charge controller, deka bats, an ancient acro panel (made in uhmerika!)and samlex pure sine wave dc/ac inverter.

i have made bread and rice with same set up without any alarms going off. i just have to get the bat trees topped off. boffins say dat discharging bat trees below 50% reduces the total charged/discharge cycles. other boffins say dat a bat tree can recover if kept charged over a long time and not discharged below 80% capacity. still,the system iz getting a real world test with extreme parameters.

the inverter did not shut off and the rice cooker went through the whole cycle. success! MAJOR MAJJIK! some one famous once sed that advanced technology is indistinguishable from majjik.

a flat panel made of synthetic rocks can convert sunlight to electricity to run devices to cook food! if dat aint majjik i doan know what iz.


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