big BRO!

me brudder wants to move in wiff me. sometime first week of march. i doanno. he iz an alcoholic and ending methadone treatment. he hangs out wiff unsavory pipplz.

it seems he wore out hiz welcome at the GF. last i spoke to him i cud heer hiz GF screeching at him.

he sez he will share expenses. he haz a pension and SSI. it wud take some of the sting out of outrageous property taxes.

but…what if he haz a relapse, brings some junkie associates over then they come back and steal all my treasures and sell them for pennies to get a fix? den what?

me brudder iz all, “eye woan do dat!”. but i knowz him, bean hiz brudder and all. saw him do stupid shit back in dee day and herd about later stupid shit from mam and pap when dey wuz alive.

az a famblee member wot iz i supposed to do? me life iz quite az i can make it. the only thorn bean an abusive harassment situation at dee job. dat depresses the living daylites out of me. do i want more trouble? i doan think so.

me brudder sed he wud call around mid morning, even mentioned a time dat iz now past. so unreliable. i haz to step out for some bidness around noon so expect dumb ass to call right den. dat will just about rap things up.



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