poor man’s gold


silver wuz over 30 uhmerikan dollars an ounce last yeer wiff promises to hit 50. i started buying modest amounts as an investment. but, NAY! silver started along downward trend.

i haz seen diz be foe. silver shoots up and then tanks. i kept buying modest amounts as silver dropped through the twenties and even the teens. then it got stuck at 13 uhmerikan dollars an ounce.

if one studies historical highs and lows i expected silver to hit ten and keep on dropping to 8 box.

silver recently jumped 3 box an ounce to 16. i donno wot to expect. will it shoot up to 50 box again? the mid thirties?

will it retreat and go down to 13 box again? what happened to 10 box? SHIT! i wud have bought tons of it.

junk silver, heh-heh! pre 1964 silver dimes of average circulation go for 10 paper dollars each. how can dat be junk? when i wuz a kid it tuk TEN silver dimes to make one paper dollar. now it takes TEN paper dollars to get one silver dime. think about dat.

i aint got no gold and never will. i aint go platinum and never will. and…i cant retire or get rich off the modest amount of silver i got. mebbe i should max out a credit card, buy silver and store it in a warehouse like goldman sacks does. but i iz afeerd.

TPTB will see dat some one (me) just maxed out hiz credit card and bought a bunch of silver. small fry aint allowed to make money by manipulating the PM market so “they” dump paper silver stocks and trash the price below wut the interest rate on the credit card iz. i lose by liquidating at a loss. i’m fucked.

mebbe next time. well, silver iz big in india and china. demand out strips production. if demand iz so great dat it cant be manipulated den dis iz dee best time to buy silver. as a silver bug i thought i wud try and infect you wiff PM LUST! but dont lissen to me, i just might be an idiot. i haz ben told dat already, already.


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