record cold solar coffee

record cold. i donno. where i live i ofturn get single dij-gots for “F” scale. i got a bat tree powered thermometer wiff max/min and the min iz minus 8.4. dat wuz last winter 2014/15.

lotz o times diz cold wedder stays around for weeks never ending. diz yeer, 2016 we be havin our first frigid polar vortex and mebbe it will get to 2 or zero. then up back to high forties and …RAIN!

when i get up to go to work the ritual iz to check dee thermometer. well, i haz only seen teens wiff no single dij-gots.

so far for february i haz got somewhat over 5 inches of snow all in one inch increments or less. it just haint natcheral. still i remember the february of 1976. i drove to work every day in a tee shirt wiff the winders down. it bean foggy and high fifties dee hole month. and i think NYD of 1980 wuz 60 wiff fog coming off piles of snow.

i wud say we haz climate change or rather climate chaos. it snowed at okinowa and viet nam and in saudia arabia and all sorts of other places dat dont normally get snow. it looks like all dee snow i usually get went sommers else.

pundits wiff agendas say dat getting snow and cold temps during february disproofs global warming. DUH! if i get snow and freezing temps in july i think i’ll get scared. gimme a yeer wiff out a summer and then we shall see what we see.

the summer of 1976 wuz very cool. i remember riding my 10 speed racing bike around town and experiencing extreme wind chill in july (wish i had a jacket wiff me)when the sun went behind cloudz. when ever the sun shone it wuz awesome hot but lots of cloudz and rain. still, no freezes. i rememder lotz of winters where the pile of snow i shoveled for walk ways wuz still around on the north side of a tree. i had to kick the last 2 inch pile around to melt it.

all true dee 1980’s i had bad winters one after dee other wiff lots of cold and snow. every cleer nite produced frost on dee windshield of me car which needed scraping.

this winter i have scraped ice a handful of times instead of every morning.

today saturday it wuz 13 degrees when i got up. i made coffee using the solar cart around 9:30 am. it still bean low teens but bright sun. the operating range for the dc/ac inverter iz zero to 40 degrees C. not much to worry about. i’m letting all the carts charge up.

the charge controllers are running full out one cart at 15 volts @ 3 amps.

well! itz 11:36 am and dee temps went down instead of up. the in/out thermometer i am sitting by went down 3 degrees from 12 to 9. mebbe i will see zero or worse tonite.


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