big boss big asshole


my boss went to mexico on vacation. when he returned the first thing het told me iz dat i piss him off and i am an ass. ok…

two weeks later boss man goes snow mobiling. seems he had one brew too many and ends up wrapping hiz hade around a tree. hiz jaw is busted and wired up. he haz to have liquid food. cainT chew. he still manages to snarl orders at people.

some yeers previous the grape stake of new jerky wuz having an extended rainy spell. weather reports sed stay home, flooded road ways.”turn around dont drown”

well, dumb ass boss man decides to take hiz beemer SUV to dee gym,ends up stranded tO be towed out and SUV totaled.

around dat time he had so yaller sports car, a vet or porche, i doan remeber exactly. he put up a car shelter. semi cirle hoops wiff a canvas cover stretched over. the supervisor told him to stake it down. he sez no need. a gust of wind comes along lifts up the car cover in total and comes down on top the fancy yaller sports car wiff considerable damage.

it justs seems he haz no common sense but likes to think himself the smartest man in duh room.

he is arrogant and abusive of hiz position. he wants success but surrounds himself wiff low paid losers to save a buck. then duz completely off the wall dumb shit. yet he can say i piss him off and i am an ass.

he threatens every one wiff dismal termination without unem. thinks hez got every one by the ballz. mebb he shud look after hiz own stupidity first.

SHEESH! uhmerika iz finished. stick a fork in our asses and tuen us over.


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