february shiver me timbers


when i awoke on palintine’s day it wuz -11 F, minus eleven F. this is just be foe dee sun rose. now, at 10:50 am it iz -2.9 F.

it haz ben my experience dat february iz USUALLY dee coldest monf of dee yeer, not always just usually. for a pundit to say dat typical cold weather during february iz proof enough to deny global warming iz dee height of foolishness. well, at least for dee grape stake of new jerky. the dig got all thermometer iz now at new low record, the previous bean only minus eight F. however, this brutal cold iz only expected to hang around for 3 dayz instead, say, 8 weeks which i haz lived true in dee recent past.

it iz bright cleer sun. this sun light haz heeted my dining room to 70 F through dee pik chure winder.

the roof top solar panels have already generated 15 KWH to current time. HOT DAM! dat saved me $2.25 from duh electric co. i also brewed solar coffee. the solar cart system functioned at deez low temps.

i goan to buy some more panels and install on a south facing roof as an off line back up to run, say, an “r” conditioner or watch tv when duh grid goze down.

the utility company got a rate increase to improve the reliability of the grid. funny, i haznt any interruptions in service since DAT happened, very suspicious.

even doe nat gaz and oil iz way down electric bills go up. why iz dat?

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