i have the POWER!


friday i stayed home from work becuz the plumber had to work in dee basement to fix some pipes. the guys replaced all the 40 yeer old copper pipes to the baff room wiff plastic. all color coded too. it cost a whole month’s take home. lucklishly i warnt considering goan to disneyland or doing anything discretionary fun like. the plumber probably iz doe.

friday wuz on common cold. it wuz so cold i wuz able to snap pix of eye snickles at dee park. saturday morning at 7 am red 20 degrees F. i went to another nearby parkand tuk pix of eye snickles deer.

it looked light over cast in dee early morning what wiff high cirrus rolling by the rising sun. however, when i got home the clouds left and bright blue sky prevailed.

so, you know, i rolled out dee solar carts and brewed coffee. den i decided to make brade. which is baking as i write dis. the sun is so much higher up in dee sky now at any time during duh winter. the ac/dc converters have an info display. both carts red 13.9 volts wiff no load. i hooked up dee spare panel to the cart baking brade to maintain voltage. the one i used for coffee haz already recovered.

no doubt about it, any one can use the power of the sun to do useful things with very little effort. it’s true i iz handy enough to cobble a cart together. i iz glad i am, i am.

i expect the roof top grid tied system to make/save me 5 bucks today. same on sunday and even monday. by off loading these small chores (coffee brewing, brade making, rice cooking) to the carts i save even more. anyone wiff gumpshun to read these historical records may notice dat i done did do lots of off loading through out the winter. now dat springing gesprunging i expect to be able to off load even more. and…the roof top system will be making/saving me much, much MORE!

who iz to say dat spring will be on common wet and cloudy? same wiff summer? or lots more sun and rain in goodly measure? what man can predict the future?

last winter the roof top panels were buried under 2 feet of snow goan on 3 months. it warnt like having solar power at all. last winter wuz 5-7 degree F colder than this winter. had an extended single digit run where as this yeer it lasted only 3 days.

no matter what, i am continuing the reliability study of the various subsystems i used to make the carts. all seems to be very robust.


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