luck of the Dominican

dis Dominican dood i work wiff got fired in oct 2015. he wuz out for 2 months. he got hired back becuz he thought he wuz laid off and went to collect unem. the boss man denied him. dat iz another story.

when the Dominican returned he told me he bought a lottery ticket and won 5000 box. dat iz more dan wot he wud have got from unem. just thursday this week he told me he won 26 thousand box in another lottery.

i wanna know wot makes him lucky. how duz a feller, Dominican or not, hit the lottery twice in four months? iz it becuz he bought tickets in p-town? mebbe i shud start buying lottery tickets in pottysum, new jerky. but do they know iffen you be spanish, black or white? iz it some majik? a deal wiff dee devil? does gawd (or iz it gah-DUH!?) send hiz/her/itz blessing to doze dat need it?

i spent mebbe 20 box on lottery tickets over duh yeerz. i think they are ahead a few bucks. i always think of the lottery az a stupid tax. just becuz a coworker hits twice in four months should i decide to jump in? no thanks. if he won didnt thousands or tens of thousands, NAY!, hundreds of thousands of folks lose? wot about dem? did some deity curse dem for bean stupid? or iz it just bad goobermint? instead of seeing dat working class wonks make a good wage to live and raise a famblee dey let corporations offshore work and desperate folks play the lottery hoping to hit big? iz dat really good for society?

even thought the Dominican played pick numbers, which may be hard to rig, even if it wuz, some folks wud still hit on doze rigged numbers. a big shot IT security guy from the powerball rigged the numbers for 10 yeers before he got caught.

hard work iz no guarantee of winning anything. working inna factory like i do haz ben very discouraging. i be pretty shore dat TPTB have dat rigged.


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