a vote of no confidence


dere aint no one worth voting for POTUS. nope. no one. just a bunch of a$$holes. so i wont vote. i’ll go to the polling station to vote on other issues. i always vote down bonds because the money is wasted and that is debt taxpayers have to pay. i always vote against benefits for public workers.

if “they” put a $15/hr minimum wage on the ballot i’ll vote for that.

“they” say there are 400 million people in the uhmerika. trump and hillary are the best we can come up with? cuz and rubio and sanders? COME ONE!

the factions are all brain washed. my boy is bettern yur gal. FART! every candidate up for election is an out and out fraud. the only reason i like trump iz becuz he iz in yur face. he sez, “this iz me!”. i like dat.

all dem other a$$holes keep on pretending dat dey iz good pipplz. no, No,NO! they are not good pipplz. dey dont kair about you and me. they dont give a rat’s ass about us. they want you to bleev it, dast dey kair but dey dont.

once dey get inter orfiss dey goan ter do wa ebber dey feel like. firstly dey got to take kair of dey masters, doze folks wa really running dings. mebbe for show dey throw us some crumbs or decide not to wipe us out this election cycle.

i vote no confidence. no flying cars, no jet packs, no cure for common cold, no lunar colonies, no mars base, no space station, @tommik power wuz supposed to make electricity “to cheap to meter”.

lies, all lies. you know what we got? junkies and alkies every where, mass murders, mass shootings, wars and rumors of wars, disease, pestilence, hunger. starvation and much much more!

i vote no confidence. FART!


duh benefits of bean a tik skinned summa batchler

guest post:
“soooo you are domesticated (vacuuming inside of an easter egg) and you look like a tree (was that what i was supposed to take away from that comment, you and the beech tree…is it a beech???”


“okay, so i answered you without reading your profile. But now i’ve read it. so, let me say this: (gee i’m long winded…upshot is, a couple of your paragraphs has me thinking we will not be compatible. to save you a read…)

i was married for oh, almost thirty years, to a man who was an uber feminist till the baby came, till his career took precedence, etc. Which is to say women tend to bend over backwards, we’re just built that way, to make things easy for the men in our lives. So we deserve a little old fashioned consideration. And your (let me count…) sixth paragraph has me rethinking communicating with you. as does second paragraph under “i spend a lot of time thinking about” – No. I’ve been thru the drill, i am of the generation where men said okayyy you wants to be equal, go for it, while still leaving women holding the bag. it’s changed a bit, takes time, the younger women have it easier (my nieces, cases in point..great dads their husbands are, true helpmeets all round). But, my generation (that includes you) …. i really don’t want to spend time with someone who hopes to sleep with me who is not a gentleman. And gentleman is something ephemeral which is easily seen…i’ve known frauds and felons and pump jockeys who are intrinsically gentlemen, sensitive college profs and professionals who are not. your paragraphs have me thinking you are not. Just put me in the pile of unbelievably obnoxious okc women and have a good laugh about it with your friends.

Peace out : )”

editor’s note: the benefits of bean a tik skinned summa batchler iz dat all i cud muster up after reeding dis wuz,”meh”. i admit to bean a summa batchler but i ax you, who iz duh beech? bean a gennill man i had to fulfill dis request. you all bean my online friends i hope you’ll laugh about it, about her and about especially me. this iz important information for future archeologists to ponder about. exactly what sort of relationships were dear between morg and imorg back in dee day? answer: none.

when in rome…

“In Russia live Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Shari’ya Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law. Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of most minorities. When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the national interest first, observing that the minorities are not Russians.” — Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressing the Duma February 4th, 2013. The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a standing ovation for 5+ minutes!

editor’s note: cudda bean a quote from trump! rome actually fell from too much diversity. it wuz a case of barbarians at the gates. which means if you let too many diverse cultures into yur culture, when it becomes time to bear arms against that culture, you cannot because that culture iz yur culture. think about it.

YO! beware the jive of march.

beware the jive of march

YO! me bruthahz and sistahz! i wanna warn yoze to beware the jive of march. on the 15th of march iz when TPTB “leak” info of their secret plans for world domination.

itz all jive, hillary, sanders, rubio, cruz, even trump. at least trump iz in yer face. the others are all jived up pretending to be nice people who are gonna help you and not sell you out to the highest bidder.

yur fucked, true and true, put on a platter and served up to shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7. those monsters mean to suck you dry of yur precious bodily fluids and chuck the husk away like an empty twinkie wrapper.

every one haz an agenda. some folks think up the agenda and then trick others into believing in it. the trouble iz dere are too many agendas. we are bean overwhelmed wiff diversity of agendas. factionalism rules.

whites against blacks, blacks against spanish, spanish against asian.

diversity will be the downfall of uhmerika.

beware the jive of march.

trump for president

well, it just seems dat some folks doan like trump. iz it becuz he iz a rich white umerikan dood?

doan blacks vote for black candidates? doan spanish people vote for spanish candidates? of course dey do.

why shouldnt i, as an old white dood, vote for a white dood. sure, i aint rich, working class poor sounds more like it. i make enough to get by. so…i will be voting for the rich white uhmerikan guy.

iz trump an ass? most likely. but you see, he aint hiding it, trying not be an an asshole like hillary or cruz or rubio. dey all be assholes and are trying very hard to convince folks dey aint assholes.

trump iz my man. i wander iffen TPTB will bump him off az BAU.

i doan think the POTUS iz worth a damn any way. not even a ratz ass. still i’ll go vote. i usually vote turd candidate, doze guys wot got a far out agenda. it just appears to me trump haz a far out agenda. doze other people are all beholden to the banksters who are funding all the campaigns.

i have a very low regard to O!bama. just becuz he iz black, i doan see him doing anything special. he might az well be white. he tuk kair of the special interests and fucked everyone else. even black folks will come to realize how hard dey got fucked by O!bama.

look at the bushes, look at billy boy, loom at ronnie ray gun, dey all fucked the little people.

i suspect trump will also. but doan you think otherwise dat hillary or rubio or cruz aint gunna fuck us over. yes, they are.

itz plain and simple. i’m white, trump iz white, i’m an uhmerikan, trump iz an uhmerikan, i’m old trump iz old. i’m poor but trump iz rich. well, shud i be determining how to vote by how rich someone iz? wudnt dat be discriminatory?

aint hillary rich? aint doze other guys way richer dan me? trump haz more matches to duh things i identify wiff. old, white, uhmerikan. datz duh tickety.

jimmy carter iz duh only recent umerikan president i admire. fuck all duh rest of dem.

book of job

guest post:
“I got a job as a teenager once, too. It’s amazing. It’s almost like people get jobs as teenagers and they have been doing it forever. It’s mysterious and profound, having a job, especially when there are class politics involved. So many things happened to me when I had a job as a teenager, some of them so profound, that the most prolific psychoanalyst could not unearth them in 100 years time. The residue of me having a job (me, a teenager, having a job) is still with me today. Like the soldier nursing his psychological wounds 50 years after returning from Southeast Asia, I tremble and quiver at those experiences of having a job as a teenager. But just like the Hubble, which can only glimpse one tiny sliver of the distant past, I too hope to one day write profoundly and prophetically and unmask the secret wonders (the omnipresent, uniform background radiation evidencing an explosive event so long ago) about the time I had a job as a teenager. “

i diss me brudder

well, i am an uhmerikan so this may be typical.

me brudder wanted to move in wiff me. he sed he wud give me 500 box a month. he haz a pension and SSI. sounds like a good deal doan it?

me brudder just had hiz last methadone treatment yesterday. he iz an alcoholic heroin abuser. sure, hez cleen now but what about in dee future?

i think dis iz hiz turd time on methadone.

i haint seem me brudder since mam passed on, dat bean tree or four yeers ago. before dat, the last time i seen him in poison wuz when pap passed on in 2000.

i contacted me brudder becuz me mam told me she done did do cut hiz ass outten dee will. turns out she didnt. when mam passed on i told me brudder wot hiz fifth share of the estate will be. he sed he wanted to keep in touch. i wrote a few times. he never answered. den i called a phone number he gave which wuz disconnected. i called hiz “obama phone” and left a few messages which he never returned. a few times hiz voice mailbox wuz full.

about a yeer ago i got a phone call out of dee blue. he chit chatted a for a while den axed me for 200 box. i sent him 50. off and on i sent him 10 box as a gift. unnerstand dat he got hiz fifth share like us all. i guess he spent it all. he sed he had some bills.

i suspect he spent the remainders on smack, junk, “H”, dope or wot ever you want to call it. when dee money ran out he went on methadone.

hiz GF must have lowered the boom on him. he told me he “wore out” hiz welcome. i accepted hiz offer of 500 box/month but i started having doubts. i doan really know me brudder. exactly wot sort of pussin is he really?

wot if i had so much trouble wiff him it warnt worth 500 box/month? wot if he haz a relapse?

he doan have car. he cud use dee town jitney to go to the strip mall wiff dee super market. one day i saw the characters dat got off dee jitney at the market. dey all looked like disabled white trash old guys (just like me brudder). i’m shore he wud get involved wiff unsavory pipples. my town iz supposed to be the heroin capital of north new jerky.

i doan want such pipples in me house. another negative about me brudder iz he smokes like an old pick up truck. so me house wud smell of cigarette smoke. the basement iz finished and dat wud be hiz flop but we haz to share duh baffroom. iffen he invites hiz loser friends over dey wud have to use the facilities also.

duh fridge iz in dee basement. i iz afeerd he wud guzzle my juice out of dee container and put it back. plus i’m trying to reduce my electric usage. i think he wudnt unnerstand.

when last we spoke he got upset becuz i wuz getting cold feet. i herd hiz GF in dee background saying he cud stay deer. so mebbe he didnt wear out hiz welcome. mebbe he got tired of her.

i think me brudder shud shelter in place. he shud give hiz GF the 500 box/month. i bet dat would make things all lovey-dovey. hiz GF knows him way better dan i do. me brudder iz a stranger and all i got iz bad memories of hiz alcoholic junkie behavior. i myself have two six packs a week. some folks wud call me an alcoholic. i tried to become an alcoholic when i got divorced. i cudnt do it. i got sick of alcohol. no so much physical sick but mentally sick. for instance when i pick up the 12 pack on thursday. i get nicely buzzed wiff 6 or 7 bottles. but on friday when i go to finished the rest off itz like nuttin happens. i guess i wud have to do even more to get the same buzz. itz almost like a waste of time, effort and money.i doan drink on weekends becuz i always have projects to do (like brewing coffee wiff solar power). anther reason i doan drink more iz dat i caint afford it.

in 30 yeers he never axed me if i needed any help (i never axed him if he needed help). we had close to zero communication. now dat he used up hiz inheritance i doan see why i haz to be burdened.

i wud really really like to share living expenses wiff a relative or even some one i established a trusting relationship wiff. i doan see it happening. it looks like itz goan to be me and duh cat forever and ever. if only i knew more about me brudder’s life style. he might as well be a complete stranger. our history of interactions iz from 40 yeerz ago. a lot can happen in forty yeerz.

i doan wanna be punished for doing a good deed.

uhmerika iz really fucked up. there are legions of folks just like me brudder. uhmerika iz goan to collapse from itz own stupidity. i cry for myself. i bet me brudder iz crying for hizzelf.