the solar saga continues

yesterday, saturday and today sunday, i wuz able to brew solar powered coffee. seems i made lots of solar powered coffee this winter.

shamash smiles on me.

i made lots of brade and cooked rice all through solar power. i think i only brewed coffee twice using utility power. i am glad i can deny them every kilowatt. seeing how i got the solar cart generators, why should i keep them in the garage?

now dat duh growing season iz near i can use all my power garden tools. a shrubbery trimmer, a lawn mower, a chain saw and a weed whacker. i will even buy an electric leaf blower.

i get a philosophical joy out of using “free” energy. sure, there wuz a certain cost associated with cobbling the solar cart together but now i can reap dat return.

i live close to indian point @tommik power plant. pundits say it iz leaking radioactive waste into the environment. when i use the carts to power my gadgets i make a statement. if everyone had a solar cart to power hand tools or off load kitchen appliance i bet we wudnt need indian point. we wudnt need to bomb the crap out of middle eastern countries to get their oil. no sir.

yesterday wuz clear in the early morning then some overcast then clear again in the afternoon. the roof top panels generated $4.50 of juice. today it wuz very cloudy early morning and clearing through heading to noon. i expect to generate another 4 bucks or so today and mebbe more on monday.

this winter, here where i live, haz been mild and sunny. much, much more so compared to last winter. my panels were snow covered for 3 months back then and the temps were lots lower. so i won the weather lottery this yeer.

the roof top panels are making me money, in the form of electric usage reductions with further reductions by off loading electric usage for coffee or brade making or rice cooking. i iz a cheap bastid. and why not? my factory pay iznt the best nor highest. my taxes are truly a burden with very little in return. one must economize. besides, i iz proof it iz possible to have some sort of civilized life post apocalyptic.

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