book of job

guest post:
“I got a job as a teenager once, too. It’s amazing. It’s almost like people get jobs as teenagers and they have been doing it forever. It’s mysterious and profound, having a job, especially when there are class politics involved. So many things happened to me when I had a job as a teenager, some of them so profound, that the most prolific psychoanalyst could not unearth them in 100 years time. The residue of me having a job (me, a teenager, having a job) is still with me today. Like the soldier nursing his psychological wounds 50 years after returning from Southeast Asia, I tremble and quiver at those experiences of having a job as a teenager. But just like the Hubble, which can only glimpse one tiny sliver of the distant past, I too hope to one day write profoundly and prophetically and unmask the secret wonders (the omnipresent, uniform background radiation evidencing an explosive event so long ago) about the time I had a job as a teenager. “


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