beware the jive of march

YO! me bruthahz and sistahz! i wanna warn yoze to beware the jive of march. on the 15th of march iz when TPTB “leak” info of their secret plans for world domination.

itz all jive, hillary, sanders, rubio, cruz, even trump. at least trump iz in yer face. the others are all jived up pretending to be nice people who are gonna help you and not sell you out to the highest bidder.

yur fucked, true and true, put on a platter and served up to shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis 7. those monsters mean to suck you dry of yur precious bodily fluids and chuck the husk away like an empty twinkie wrapper.

every one haz an agenda. some folks think up the agenda and then trick others into believing in it. the trouble iz dere are too many agendas. we are bean overwhelmed wiff diversity of agendas. factionalism rules.

whites against blacks, blacks against spanish, spanish against asian.

diversity will be the downfall of uhmerika.

beware the jive of march.


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