a vote of no confidence


dere aint no one worth voting for POTUS. nope. no one. just a bunch of a$$holes. so i wont vote. i’ll go to the polling station to vote on other issues. i always vote down bonds because the money is wasted and that is debt taxpayers have to pay. i always vote against benefits for public workers.

if “they” put a $15/hr minimum wage on the ballot i’ll vote for that.

“they” say there are 400 million people in the uhmerika. trump and hillary are the best we can come up with? cuz and rubio and sanders? COME ONE!

the factions are all brain washed. my boy is bettern yur gal. FART! every candidate up for election is an out and out fraud. the only reason i like trump iz becuz he iz in yur face. he sez, “this iz me!”. i like dat.

all dem other a$$holes keep on pretending dat dey iz good pipplz. no, No,NO! they are not good pipplz. dey dont kair about you and me. they dont give a rat’s ass about us. they want you to bleev it, dast dey kair but dey dont.

once dey get inter orfiss dey goan ter do wa ebber dey feel like. firstly dey got to take kair of dey masters, doze folks wa really running dings. mebbe for show dey throw us some crumbs or decide not to wipe us out this election cycle.

i vote no confidence. no flying cars, no jet packs, no cure for common cold, no lunar colonies, no mars base, no space station, @tommik power wuz supposed to make electricity “to cheap to meter”.

lies, all lies. you know what we got? junkies and alkies every where, mass murders, mass shootings, wars and rumors of wars, disease, pestilence, hunger. starvation and much much more!

i vote no confidence. FART!


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