bog boss big loser


back in february me boss told me to quit and called me an asshole right to my face. he had just returned from a vacation in florida or wuz it mexico. i suppose hiz vacation didnt help him chill out.

i walked away without reply. about 2 hours later i heard a big ruckus out in dee shop. i wuz betwix duh boss man and the spanish PR. dey wuz shouting loud. i heard some one say get out.

the boss man walked true my area and 2 minnits later he returned wiff dee general manager. boss man had a sheet of paper in hiz hand. next i knew the spanish PR wuz gone, as in fired or discharged.

later i figgered he wanted to pick a fight wiff me in order to fire me for insubordination and no unem benefits.

on last monday of march i axed boss man about the spanish DR who left on thursday previous. seems he exchanged words wiff dat fellow also. boss man sed he didnt need the spanish DR and sent him home. i told boss man the guy had a part time job summers else. den he turns around and tells me i haz to organise my area. i axed him to be more specific as to wot organizing he wanted me to do. he told me to put labels on everything. i told him i aint got no label maker.

boss man exploded, “you got an excuse for every thing! WHY DONT YOU JUST QUIT, ASSHOLE!”.

he stomped out of the room and flung the door open. it got stuck. at 3:30 pm right at quiting time he laid off the shipping clerk who haz ben wiff de company for almost 6 yeerz.

i had left at 3 pm becuz dere iz a sign by the time clock stating busisness is slow and everyone iz welcome to take unpaid time off. i told the general manger, my supervisor and the office manger i intend to leave at 3 pm for as long az we iz slow. the office manger axed boss man about dis and he exploded on her say “let him” and some harsher words.

i called the office clerk duh next day to give him my phone number and to use me as a work reference.

boss man wrapped hiz hade around a tree and had hiz jaw wired shut. i think he wuz trying to do hiz self in becuz he iz a loser. now we all have to suffer becuz he cudnt even do dat right.

i am looking for other employment. i doan see dis place lasting too long.

last i heard iz dat boss man regrets laying off shipping clerk. he now wishes he had fired him. seems like mebbe i should buy one of doze spy pens dat records conversations. i need me a smoking gun if i haz to get lawyered up.

umerika is a first world hell hole with such people in it. eactly wot is cripy crisp or trump or hillary or cruz or berny goan to do for me viz-a-viz my boss man’s harassment? nuttin, dey true me to duh wolves. i vote NO CONFIDENCE!


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